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Do you need to upskill in a specialist area? 

These new CIM Specialist Awards allow you to develop your career further and will count towards studying for a full marketing or digital qualification at Level 6.

The new CIM Specialist Awards include the following:

With nesma, you will enjoy an experiential learning experience with work-based tasks applied to the theory and practice. Your tutor will deliver all your teaching sessions live alongside group discussions and exercises so you get an interactive student experience. The benefits of this mean you are instantly applying what you learn, receive real-time guidance, get to align learning to business goals and enjoy other learners’ contributions.

Look out for our one-day boot camp sessions, starting in the North East then delivering nationally to students. This will enable the ease, efficiency and convenience of studying one or more of our specialist awards.

Your tutors would be;

Jo Dolezal (Content Strategy and Social Media  Strategy)

“I love sharing my latest thinking, best practice and honest advice to make the learning work for my students when they get back to their desks”.

Steven Parker for SEO & Paid Campaign Management and AI for Marketing

“Teaching digital marketing is incredibly rewarding. I really enjoy delivering sessions to students and increasing their level of knowledge too. It also keeps me on my toes and ensures I’m on top of my game!”

These CIM Specialist awards provide marketers with focused knowledge and expertise in specific areas of digital marketing while at the same time fitting in with either current career goals, CPD or areas of interest within the Digital marketing sphere. These qualifications are designed to enhance skills, improve career prospects, and demonstrate a high level of proficiency in a particular marketing area.

Successful completion of a Specialist Award will equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and understanding to support decision-making within a digital context at an operational level.

The CIM Level 6 Specialist Awards have been developed for Marketing managers and marketers in operational and supervisory roles who want to progress their strategic and management skills.

Here’s a little more detail about each award

CIM Specialist Award | AI Marketing

As AI technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, this Specialist Award will enable you to respond effectively to developments and understand their application to marketing. It provides strategic insights into the impact of AI within the business environment and the resources required to implement AI technologies. You will gain the knowledge and skills to create a suitable plan to respond to AI developments.

This Specialist Award develops knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and develops skills to enable a strategic approach to its use in marketing. It covers three key areas: the first area develops knowledge in the application of AI within marketing, including key concepts and benefits, and the second covers the impact of AI on the wider organisational environment and ethical considerations; the final area explores how to create an effective plan to respond to AI developments.

CIM Specialist Award | Content Strategy

Content marketing is fundamental for addressing important audience questions, building trust, developing relationships and improving conversions. This Specialist Award provides a strategic approach to content marketing that aligns with wider corporate and marketing goals. You will gain skills to enable the creation of an effective content strategy and manage its implementation, including providing appropriate copy for various audiences.

This Specialist Award develops knowledge and skills to enable a strategic content planning and creation approach. It covers three areas: the first area develops skills to create a targeted content strategy to deliver organisational objectives, the second area covers how content can be successfully planned and distributed, and the third area develops skills to create effective copy for a variety of target audiences.

CIM Specialist Award | SEO and Paid Search Management

With many customer journeys beginning with a search engine, adopting a successful search engine marketing strategy has become critical to increasing brand reach and visibility. This Specialist Award will provide you with the knowledge and skills to create an effective search strategy for both organic and paid channels. You can apply research techniques to understand customer search behaviour and utilise them to optimise paid campaigns and

This Specialist Award develops knowledge and skills to enable a strategic approach to organic and paid search channels. It covers three key areas: the first is developing the skills to apply research methods required for organic and paid search, including keyword research; the second area develops knowledge about how paid search activities can be managed, while the third key area covers how a website can be successfully optimised for organic search.

CIM Specialist Award | Social Media Management

Social media usage continues to grow with the proliferation of new platforms and tools. This Specialist Award provides strategic insights into how social media can enable an organisation to reach, nurture, and engage with its target audience. It provides the knowledge and skills to create an effective social media strategy alongside successful management of social media platforms to drive audience engagement.

This Specialist Award covers the strategic management of social media. It covers three key areas: the first area develops the necessary knowledge and skills to create an integrated social media strategy; the second area develops skills in effective social media management; and the third area covers the application of measures and tools to assess the performance of social media activities.

Pricing package: £690 ex VAT / £809 inc VAT.
Offers are available for existing nesma learners and organisation sponsors.

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Assessment will be via a multiple-choice online exam.