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nesma’s virtual teaching

We must be doing something right with our virtual teaching! As the results from our CIM summer term during Lockdown was 100 % with over 81% of our students achieving a distinction or merit.

Exceptional CIM Results

We are delighted to announce a 100% pass rate for the CIM Summer Term. We are so proud of our students and tutors as this was all achieved during Lockdown.

Working through a crisis

Claire Riley talks to Veronica about what it has been like managing the communications activity for the Northumbria Health NHS Foundation Trust in the region during these unprecedented times.

People Power goes online

On Friday 18 September, you will be able to enjoy an expanded agenda at the People Power Conference with more sessions and new speakers as it moves online to adapt to the current environment.

Get the best out of our online classes

Currently, our classes are via interactive webinar so here are ten top tips to help you get the most out of our virtual teaching sessions.

More than 50 CIM Commendations

It is our aim to ensure every nesma student receives the best possible study experience and we are delighted to be rewarded for this by these commendations from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

CIM Webinar Express

The new CIM Webinar Express series will cover different topics including insights, branding, personal skills and much more. They are designed to last approximately 40 minutes with a Q&A session after the presentation.

How to get your dual qualification?

If you are interested in achieving both a marketing and digital marketing qualification from CIM, read this article!

CIM Top Up Tuition

CIM is phasing out its existing syllabus and there are only two more assessment rounds available to complete your assignments: These will be in July 2020 and December 2020.

How the CIM Graduate Gateway works

If you have studied a degree or masters in the last five years and want to take advantage of the CIM Graduate Gateway exemptions, here's what you need to know.

The Chartered Marketer

The rules have changed to make becoming a Chartered Marketer more accessible to more people, there is now only a requirement to either have the CIM Professional Diploma as a qualification or 3 years marketing management experience.

CIM Awards explained

If you want to keep your development moving, starting a CIM modular Award might be the right choice for you. You can start your first Award in June via a series of interactive webinars.
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