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Taking nesma training in-house to Gentoo

Written in conjunction with the Gentoo communications team

Gentoo is a housing association that owns and manages more than 29,000 homes. They are one of the largest employers in Sunderland and landlords in the North East. Focused on delivering an outstanding service to their customers and as a responsible business, they pride themselves on inspiring people to make a difference.

The goal

To get the whole of the Gentoo communications team to the same level of understanding on all aspects of marketing to enable them to support the strategic goals of the organisation with a programme of integrated communications activity.

The challenges

The communications team included assistants to senior managers and job roles varied from internal communications to digital marketing and everything in-between. An internal training audit revealed a desire to increase knowledge amongst the team, although at that time the budget would not have enabled everyone to do a different external course. It was therefore agreed to help build team connectivity and fill the skill gaps that a bespoke training programme would be the most productive way to improve performance, cost effectively. Which at the same time would inspire some of the team to do their professional qualifications.

Why nesma

nesma was highlighted as the only study centre in the region to offer all three professional marketing qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Digital Marketing Institute. And it was a bonus that some of the tutors were well known to some members of the team as successful marketing practitioners. It was clear that nesma’s flexible approach to delivery along with their activity and theory based training methods would benefit the whole team.

How did nesma help?

nesma designed a unique programme of training to address the key marketing and communication skills and knowledge that would instantly help towards strengthening the marketing activity across the Group. In total nesma has helped build the marketing know-how of 14 employees over 3 years and 48 sessions at Gentoo.

The impact

It bought a busy team together to learn and share experiences and to discuss and (sometimes solve) real-life, real-time challenges. It was great to see 4 team members go on to study the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing – Level 4, subsequently 1 went on to study the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing – Level 6, 5 completed the DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing and now 1 team member has advanced their studies to participate on the NEW CIM Marketing Leadership Programme – Level 7.


“It was really valuable to have a training programme tailored to meet our team’s particular needs. Everyone benefited and it was great to see team members excel.  I’m really proud of those that demonstrated real enthusiasm and commitment to put in the extra work to attain marketing qualifications as well”.

Sarah McCourt, Head of Communications and Marketing

“Doing the in-house training with nesma made me think differently about how I should tackle projects at work and inspired me to study further so that my input can strategically help steer the organisation. I enjoyed the fact that my learning was set in context, revolved around our business needs and that the tutors had loads of anecdotal stories to share.”.

Jonathan Coxon, Communications Manager

“This was my first formal marketing training and it was great to share it with my colleagues. It has given me a real confidence boost and I definitely ask a lot more questions now. Plus, I now have my first CIM marketing qualification!”.

Stacey Acton, Communications Assistant

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