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Why we think it could be money well spent…

The new tax year brings a new levy. Not usually something to get excited about!

As of today, employers with an annual pay bill in excess of £3 million will be required to pay the Apprenticeship Levy. If you’re an SME, chances are you won’t be subject to this levy.

The exciting part is that as of today, access to funding, planning and training for apprenticeship schemes within your business, whether you pay the levy or not, just became much more beneficial. You can read all about how your business can benefit by following the links provided at the end of this blog.

At nesma, we feel that the Levy is a fantastic step forward by the Government in asserting the value of an Apprenticeship programme to employer and apprentice alike, so let’s explore how the marketing industry can benefit. There’s no better way to do this than to look at a real-life case study.

According to a report published in February by the Digital Marketing Institute, apprenticeships are a proven method to lower training and recruitment costs, improve employee retention and offer individuals an opportunity to earn a wage and gain valuable work experience with tailored training programs.

The Government’s commitment to bridging the digital skills gap in the UK over the next decade creates a solid platform for the proliferation of apprenticeship schemes over the coming year. If your business is in the market for some fresh, ambitious and enthusiastic talent to cultivate, listen up.

ChristineChristine Brennan works for Capita Local Government and ‘cut her teeth’ in business via an apprenticeship scheme. Christine is an excellent example of how taking a non-University route into the working world enabled her to ‘earn and learn’ but at the same time, achieve real business results for her employer. Christine shares her experience of deciding if an apprenticeship was right for her.

“When I started my GCSE’s I recognised I had a difficult decision on my hands, what was I going to do next? My friends wanted to head to College/University, I on the other hand didn’t! The University life absolutely appealed to me, but the thought of another six years in education didn’t. Not that I found the thought of it daunting or that I hated education, I just liked the idea of being multi skilled – getting an education whilst gaining valuable on the job experience and the life skills that came with it.

I knew from speaking to career advisors that I could get these in an apprenticeship (providing I got the GCSE results) whilst also having a regular wage. I made my decision, left school after my exams and started work two weeks later…I LOVED it.

I also feel it helped me work my way up, employers do look at your past “work” experience and when applying for jobs I could offer other things and demonstrate practical knowledge with comparable vocational skills.

I now have a varied range of qualifications in; marketing, proposal management, InDesign, digital marketing, business, people management, administration, customer service and health and safety. I would certainly recommend considering an apprenticeship route if like me, you’re not 100% sure on University.”

Here at nesma, we strongly believe in and have benefitted from apprenticeships within our organisation. As today brings a new dawn in structured, accessible and financially rewarding apprenticeship schemes, we would encourage you to utilise these schemes to their fullest advantage and pave the way for a new generation of passionate, highly skilled marketers.

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