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You’ll find out when you sign up to learn how to write the perfect plan through a carefully structured, unique teaching programme.

nesma is now a fully licensed SOSTAC® Certified Training Company.

This new partnership with PR Smith expands our resources to help businesses and their employees build a roadmap for success through better planning.

As one of the leading centres for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), we find that the SOSTAC® programmes are a great way to get your teams on the same page and complement any existing CIM and CIPR qualifications your employees may have.

There are two qualification levels to choose from:

  1. PR Smith’s SOSTAC® Principles | Intermediate
    For people relatively new to the planning process (6-hour
    delivered programme) via live webinar.
  2. PR Smith’s SOSTAC® Certified Planner| Advanced
    For experienced practitioners (9-hour delivered programme) via live webinar.

Both programmes use nesma’s special interactive live discussion webinars to ensure you can apply the theory directly to your organisation. Our exceptionally experienced, highly qualified and well-connected tutors will facilitate these and offer in-house master classes for teams. PR Smith may join us as a guest speaker at some live online events. You can also choose the online-only version option.

Masterclass Expert
Paul is the founder of the SOSTAC® planning methodology, which has been voted as one of the World’s Top 3 Business Models by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is now adopted by blue chips (Linkedin and KPMG), start-ups and disruptors globally via government enterprise bodies.

Sali Midjek-Conway 
Masterclass Expert
Sali has 20+ years of marketing and communications experience spanning strategy development and implementation, organisational communications (including transformational change projects) and engagement planning, lead generation marketing campaigns, training and development and brand management.

The training programmes take you through the six-step process required to get better results from your planning process.

  • Situation Analysis – Where are we now, and what’s going on around us?
  • Objectives – What are we aiming to do in line with corporate goals and objectives?
  • Strategy – How might we get there? Which options are open to us based on our research and market knowledge?
  • Tactics – How might we deliver our strategy? What is the best marketing or communications mix for us to use?
  • Action – How can these tactics be implemented to the best effect, bearing in mind the resources available?
  • Control – What and when do we measure in line with our SMART objectives? How do we know that we are succeeding?

The reality is that effective planning can be enhanced and made easy when using a consistent framework to support the translation of critical analysis and strategic thinking into actions. And that’s exactly what the SOSTAC® planning framework does. The programme is designed to ensure you get the best business results.

PR Smith’s SOSTAC® can be applied to any industry or sector and is the most practical way of remembering and applying the components of a comprehensive marketing plan.

Take your first step towards becoming an elite SOSTAC® Certified Planner and book one of the limited places for October.

Contact Laura or Lydia at hello@nesma.co.uk or call 07734 222 254 to discuss your individual and team training options.

Good planning is critical to success every which way you look at it!