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Thinking about a CIM qualification but not sure whether it’s the right way forward or even where to start?

Why do people do CIM qualifications?

The main reason is to gain skills and knowledge. They might want to get a job in marketing or communications or to develop their career.

People find the fact that you can gain a CIM Award (one module in about three months) or a whole qualification (3 modules in about nine months) attractive. Studying also links you to a group of people doing similar work which helps you build your network of the future. Both these reasons help you to develop your marketing career. It’s a competitive business marketplace where CIM qualifications are still recognised as an asset by employers.

When is the best time to start studying for CIM qualifications?

Genuinely you can start as early as school 6th form! The CIM Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing / CIM Foundation Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing sits well, for example, with A-Level Business Studies. Or you can do it between your exams finishing in June and the beginning of the autumn term. It can be a great way to add another ‘A’ level qualification to your CV and enhance your ‘personal statement’ for university. 

If working rather than studying at university, is your preference. the CIM suite of qualifications provides the ideal way to secure affordable professional skills and allow you to earn as you learn. Some students continue their studies to the higher levels and can complete the equivalent to a BA Hons qualification in marketing before their school friends have left university to join the job market.

If you are already at university, irrespective of which degree you are studying, you might find it useful to consider some or all of the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing / CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing. There aren’t many disciplines that don’t have marketing at their core, and it is an asset to be able to look at things from a customer or service user perspective (which is what we marketers have to do).

If you have a degree in marketing or management already, then the logical step is to study for the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing / CIM Diploma in Professional Digital MarketingAll of the assessments for this qualification and above are company-based assignments which usually relate to very relevant aspects of the day job.

Employers notice a difference in the thought processes and behaviours of their employees doing these qualifications, and of course, the new strategic thinking they are bringing to the workplace has an economic impact on the business too. Your CV will have a BA Hons equivalent qualification also. If you studied at a Graduate Gateway University in the past five years, you might gain exemptions from the first module of study.

If you are lucky to enough to have any of the above already and/or  5-10 years hands-on marketing management experience, then the next challenge for you could be the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme. A Masters level programme which encourages delegates to use the right analytical tools and thought processes to identify the strategic options open to the business and develop suitable plans for identifying and managing business growth. One of the elective modules, which can be studied on its own, is Consultancy. To have a recognised qualification in Consultancy as a practising Chartered Marketer is a great differentiator in what is about to become an even more competitive market. Delegates on all these programmes genuinely make a difference to the strategic direction of the companies in which they work.

The icing on the cake is that people love the graduation ceremony each year for all Diploma and Marketing Leadership graduates.

When do I sign up?

In the current climate, nesma is providing virtual teaching via interactive, live webinars with terms starting, April, June and September this year.

If you have time on your hands right now, it could be an ideal motivator to get your course underway for your first module. One step at a time, you will be amazed how quickly the time flies, and you are receiving your final certificates of completion!

If you want to start a CIM or CIPR qualification with us is why not give Lucy Davidson a call on 07734 222 254