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So, the main People Power event we were all looking forward to is postponed but not cancelled. However, please keep the date, Wednesday 17 June 2020, in your diary as you are all invited to a FREE webcast.

The free webcast is offering easy to digest advice and ideas from expert speakers, to help your workforce and your business adapt to new challenges.

You will have access to free expert guidance to help you cultivate and protect your workforce and ensure your organisation is ready to compete in tomorrow’s world.

The bite-sized sessions are designed to help you cultivate, protect and up-skill your workforce to ensure your organisation operates at its maximum potential. 

You are welcome to join all sessions, or just choose the ones you think will be most relevant to you. Each session is just 30-minutes followed by a short Q&A.

Topics covered will include employee engagement, emotionally intelligent leadership, stress management and re-engaging your workforce and your customers.

The agenda currently looks like this –

09.30 – How to be a champion in these very special times
10.30 – Evaluating and support planning for staying mentally healthy
11.30 – Emotionally intelligent leaders
12.30 – Lessons from the pandemic – It’s the people stupid
13.30 – Employer Branding in precarity
14.30 – Listen, Respond, Adapt: How to Engage Employees through Coronavirus and beyond
15.30 – Building and Maintaining relationships remotely
16.30 – Responsible leadership in a post-COVID 19 world

Paul Hitchens is a CIM Course Director, nesma tutor, TedX Speaker and well-known author. He will be delivering a session on ‘Employer Branding in Precarity’ which will be filled with plenty of ideas and inspiration, as well as, tools & techniques to take away

In times of economic uncertainty, the first instinct for many businesses is to cut costs to survive. Any expenditures deemed to be unnecessary in order to survive are often the first to go. Workers on part-time, job share, freelance and those on zero-hours contracts may find themselves in a fragile situation. The headlines in the wake of the COVID-19 Crisis are peppered with household brand names that have resorted to laying off staff just to survive.

These challenging times can prove to be the right time to invest in future employer brand salience and emerge from the crisis in a healthy state ready to grow. There are many examples of famous brands that started in precarious times. Walt Disney began in 1923 shortly after the Influenza Epidemic of 1920, Hewlett-Packard started in 1939 at the beginning of the Second World War and Microsoft was born in 1973 amid the Oil Crisis and three-day week.

The characteristics displayed by resilient brands during fragile times include; Trust, Relevance, Difference and above all a commitment to their People.

The key takeaways from this session will include insights into Resourcefulness, Judgement, Commitment, Timing and Tenacity.

If you are interested in building long term value for your organisation and building a strong employer brand, then this session is for you.

The People Power one day Conference & Exhibition has been moved to Friday 18 September 2020. It’s an event designed to help business leader boost productivity across their organisation by developing a thriving, engaged workforce.

It’s now in its third year and attended by over 300 people. The keynotes and industry thought leaders are selected to motivate and inspire you with their stories of success,
whilst seminars, panel discussions and 1-2-1 meetings will provide you with a suite of practical tools and techniques to take away. 

People Power is fully CPD accredited and tickets start from £35 +VAT.