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Alex has completed both the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing and the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing. He has gone for a dual qualification at Level 6 and is now waiting for the results for his CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing after taking the Digital Marketing Techniques module.

(Update – Alex is now dual qualified in both both marketing and digital marketing at CIM level 6.)

He is the Digital Marketing Executive for SoundbiteLearning UK Ltd t/a GCSEPod. They provide subject knowledge and learning through audio-visual Pods, which can be streamed and downloaded onto your computer or mobile device as you need them.

Why did you start your CIM journey?

The initial nudge came from a departmental recommendation at SoundbiteLearning. However, as I progressed through Level 4 and onto Level 6, it became clear, these qualifications are beneficial for my professional development and if I don’t do it now, when will I do it?

What did you discover about yourself in the process?

More than anything, resilience and perseverance ranked highest during the last 2 modules of my studies. I completed both of these modules, remotely, during COVID-19 which proved challenging on many occasions. Still, I was determined to carry on and found the resilience to keep pushing myself, as I really enjoyed the content and the encouragement by the tutors was infectious. 

Do you think studying with nesma has helped you in your career?

Since beginning my studies two years ago, I have progressed professionally. I am happy to report that my qualifications gained with nesma has seen me move through my department and gain more responsibilities and industry insights. As I previously studied History and Philosophy at the University of York, I went into the CIM classes with no marketing qualifications or prior knowledge. So I can safely say my qualifications with nesma are the sole reason I have progressed to my current position. 

What did you enjoy most about studying?

My studying had been disrupted by COVID-19, but the new remote learning strategy implemented by NESMA was just as fun in some respects! We were all in the same boat with poor connections, no webcam and 4 legged friends doing their rounds! What I enjoyed most was the sense of community with a common goal. All my cohorts were young professionals who were embarking on similar journeys to further their career development. This became a key motivator during classes with nesma as well as at work!

What do you do differently as a result of your studies?

The most significant differences boil down to strategic thinking. At whatever stage you decide to join nesma and begin a CIM qualification, you will gain specific capabilities and knowledge. I personally have used my studies to refine my thinking, encourage lateral thinking and think more like a problem solver as well as a marketeer. 

What words of advice would you give anyone considering a career in marketing/PR?

Although still in the early stages of my career, my words of advice would be – pursue it! It’s a career that offers freedoms and creativity usually only seen in media, cultural and creative industries. If you set yourself a plan and then throw in a some of the development and qualification courses nesma has to offer, being a fully-fledged marketer won’t be too far away. 

CIM offers a range of professionally recognised Marketing and Digital Marketing qualifications, designed to develop the core skills you need. At the moment we are providing virtual classes, so you don’t have to put your professional development plans on hold.