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Lauren provides marketing support for Dodd & Co Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers and has completed the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing as a way to support her personal development and the organisations business development.

Why did you choose to study this qualification?

My career had always been in wedding and events management, so when I moved away from this industry, I decided I wanted to focus more on the marketing aspect of my previous roles. I really wanted to complete a qualification to kickstart my career in marketing but didn’t know where to start. When I joined Dodd & Co, this was offered as a study option, and I was over the moon! Dodd & Co have such a great culture around personal development which is brilliant. My colleague Becca had just completed her Level 4 CIM qualification and was about to start Level 6 at the time, so her advice and experience encouraged me to take the step.

What did you discover about yourself in the process?

It’s given me the reassurance and confidence that I do know what I’m talking about (most of the time!) and that a career in marketing is where I want to be. I also discovered that I really enjoyed learning about internal communications (something I didn’t think would be as interesting as the digital marketing stuff) and this might be something I’d like to be more involved with in the future.

Has studying with nesma helped you in your career?

Studying with Nesma has been fantastic in that I feel more confident in my current role and now have the knowledge and qualification to back up decisions. Having the official qualification behind me has opened so many more doors, so I’m excited to see what the future holds!

What did you enjoy most about the studying process?

I thoroughly enjoyed the in-person sessions. Being able to share ideas and gain new insight from tutors and other students were beneficial. I found it so interesting to meet students from various backgrounds and learn how marketing models and methods affect industries differently. Having the 1-1 contact was so crucial for me, it kept me motivated, and I felt reassured that I had a dedicated tutor to go to. Ultimately, the best part was receiving my results – hard work pays off!

What type of things do you do differently as a result of your studies?

I definitely look at the bigger picture more than I did and think about the knock-on effect of decisions and strategies.

What words of advice would you give anyone considering a career in marketing/P.R.?

Do it! nesma really opened my mind to just how many different routes there are within the Marketing and P.R. umbrella, there really is so much more than meets the eye. It’s a fantastic, varied and creative role to be in and definitely very rewarding. And if you do decide to go for it, choose nesma!

Those who successfully achieve this CIM qualification will understand the broader role of marketing and how their practical skills can benefit their career progression within the marketing profession. You learn through meaningful and active assessment methods which embrace modern marketing challenges. It is perfect for aspiring professional marketers who wish to gain knowledge and skills to succeed and progress.