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CIM’s accredited degrees are the best way to fast-track your career after or during your time in university! As a CIM accredited study centre, nesma can help you with this.

CIM offers a range of professionally recognised marketing and digital marketing qualifications designed to develop the core skills needed by modern marketers.

And just to be clear, CIM Accredited Degree is the new name for a Graduate Gateway University.

There are over 130+ CIM Accredited Degree Universities. If you are at one of them, you can gain a professional marketing qualification by taking advantage of CIM Accredited Degree’s exemptions.

The good news is that if you have a relevant degree from a CIM Accredited Degree university, you have up to five years from graduating to complete the additional module(s) to gain your full qualification. All you need is a 2:2 or above (undergraduate) or a pass mark (postgraduate).

So what does a CIM Accredited Degree offer you?

  • Exemptions reduce the number of assessments you take – to gain a CIM qualification – from three to one if you gain a relevant degree from an accredited university. You can take advantage of this up to five years after graduating from university.
  • Reduce the duration to gain CIM qualifications by up to 66% – Combine your degree with CIM qualifications, and you may only be required to undertake one CIM module instead of three.
  • Gain a professional qualification and save money on assessment fees.

The modules you need to complete depend on the qualification you choose!

At the CIM Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing Level 3 there are two modules to complete. Marketing Principles is mandatory, and then choose from Marketing in Business, or Communications in Practice or Digital Fundamentals, depending on your CIM Accredited Degree University.

At the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing Level 4, there is one module to complete, Customer Insights, depending on your CIM Accredited Degree University.

At the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing Level 6, there are two modules to complete, Innovation in Marketing plus choose, one from The Digital Customer Experience or Managing Brands, depending on your CIM Accredited Degree University.

At the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing Level 6, there are two modules to complete: Digital Optimisation and The Digital Customer Experience.

At the CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing Level 6, there are two modules to complete: Innovation in Marketing and Sustainability.

You will need to be a CIM Studying Membership to study the additional modules. As this will give you access to support materials, your membership must also be current at the time of submitting your assessments for marking. As a member you can also take advantage of other benefits such as webinars, great content and attend CIM events.

A recent CIM Alumni Survey revealed that 60% of CIM graduates are respected at work or given more responsibility, and a third of CIM graduates get promoted or receive a pay rise within 12 months of graduating. The Hays, DNA of a Marketing Leader Report 2019 revealed that 35% of marketing leaders have a CIM qualification – the most common after a university degree (46%). All the evidence points in the direction that CIM qualifications can enhance your employability prospects and help you progress in your career.

Feel free to get in touch for more information on getting CIM qualified in 2024.