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Not one you will find on the catwalk, but one you could use to plan a fashion show!

SOSTAC@ masterclasses complement both CIM and CIPR qualifications. Veronica is very familiar with the framework after many years of training and mentoring marketers but still road-tested the courses to make sure it was a good fit before partnering with PR Smith as a licenced SOSTAC® Training Company.

Despite her extensive experience in marketing planning and strategy, she definitely found the masterclasses beneficial and was reminded “of the need for in-depth customer and competitor analysis before launching any strategic planning. I have also picked up a couple of new tools for testing the robustness of chosen strategies. I found it the ideal refresher and ideal for individuals or part of a team development programme.”

nesma facilitator Sali Midjek-Conway sums up nicely why it is such a handy model to have in your back pocket, “There are so many benefits when you work in a busy marketing environment! As SOSTAC® is easy to recall, it encourages you to focus on what you’re working towards. Applying the framework in any situation will save time and money and improve accuracy”.

Stephanie Carty from Pearson Engineering enjoyed her SOSTAC® masterclass last week, saying, ” It was an excellent opportunity to ask any questions, see how the framework is applied not only in a work environment, but also in everyday life, and of course learn from the best!

Beth Stevenson added,” As a business it underscores our commitment to professional development at Defence Media and will further enhance our services to clients”!

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SOSTAC® Principles (Beginners 1-day)

SOSTAC® Certified Planner (Advanced 2-day)

PR Smith continues it provides a “reassuring sense of order” to any plan. “During these masterclasses, we aim to develop the learner’s understanding of marketing and customer orientation; ultimately, we want to support the development of world-class marketers writing world-class plans”.

These masterclasses take you through each stage of the model, along with case studies, quizzes and debates to help apply the knowledge with context for your role no matter what sector you’re in.

Don’t hesitate to contact Lydia at 07734 222 254 or email to register for one of these masterclasses.