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Change Management: how do we take people with us?


With change we need to see the need, move to meet the need and finish when there is no more need for it!  Successful change is led by people who deliver literally ‘where the rubber meets the road’, those with the ability to build a high concept pitch backed with the ability to clearly define success for all involved.  They will deal with teams who need the energy and drive to see it through, they deal with the teams who may be exhausted by the process and the teams who constantly ask are we there yet?

Course structure

This is a bite-sized 90-minute virtual session to help you to understand change management and how to take people with you.  It will be interactive to ensure you focus on your individual needs.

It will cover:

  • Communicating the vision: Role modelling new behaviours creating a ‘high concept’ pitch

Understand how an organisational vision is created.  Learn how to translate this vision from the strategic level to the delivery level of the organisation.

  • Enlisting your volunteer army: empowering action.

Know who to involve in the change process and how to enable them to deliver change.

  • Create the short-term wins: Define success and KISS (keep it small and simple)

Create achievable targets that get your team through the change process.

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Thursday 12th May, 2022
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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£49 + VAT per 90 min workshop (£25 + VAT for nesma alumni)

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