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What is Change Management? How do we recognise the need for change and make it happen?


Change Management is an enabling process which focuses on the people side of change and as a manager, you must understand why change is happening in your organisation.

To be effective you must be able to communicate the need for this change to either the strategic or to the delivery level of your organisation.  You must also be able to deliver this change to the satisfaction of both the strategic leadership and the delivery teams.

Leaders fit in with change by ensuring they make the best-informed decisions for their teams, by doing the ‘right thing’! Managers fit in with change by ensuring change works both for the leaders and those that deliver for an organisation, by doing ‘things right’!

Course Structure

This is a bite-sized 90-minute virtual session to help improve your understanding of Change Management.  How to recognize the need for change and how to make it happen Boards and Directors and how you fit with your Board.  It will be interactive to ensure you focus on your individual needs.

It will cover:

  • Why we need change management and knowing our place in the change process.

We will unpick Kotter’s 8 STEP Change Process and link it to you and your business.

  • The changing environment: creating urgency or dealing with urgency

You will learn what causes the need for change and how to translate that to the people effected by change.

  • Building a guiding coalition. Creating the compelling future vision

You will look at the challenges of the change process and unpick the ‘how to’ of making it happen in clear realistic steps. You will look at building a guiding coalition: a team with enough power and influence to lead the change.  Creating the compelling future vision: A target state for all involved.

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Thursday 12th May, 2022
10:00 am - 11:30 am

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£49 + VAT per 90 min workshop (£25 + VAT for nesma alumni)

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