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Achieving a dual CIM marketing/digital marketing qualification will really differentiate you as a Marketer.

And it’s not as difficult as you might think to achieve.

So firstly what do we mean by a dual qualification? Well at Levels 3 to 6 you can achieve both the Marketing and Digital Marketing CIM qualification by studying one extra module.

So for instance in the case of Level 3, you can achieve the CIM Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing and the CIM Foundation Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing together by adding either the Digital Fundamentals or Communication in Practice modules after your first qualification.

We chatted to Alex who has recently completed the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing and the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing. We asked him why he decided it was a valuable investment in his personal and business development to complete a dual CIM qualification at Level 6. And this is what he said,

I decided it was a valuable investment based on two factors: 

1) The need to differentiate in an ever-increasingly competitive profession.
2) The importance and significance of academic progression beyond my university years.

During the pandemic, and the strains of increased workload during my day to day employment, the prospect of the extra workload was daunting. However, the teaching of my tutor in my final module and the content itself quickly affirmed my decision to pursue the dual qualification. With so much to keep on top of, both professionally and personally, it became clear that without qualifications such as Digital Optimisation, I would struggle to get to grips with the new foundations of digital marketing anywhere else. Therefore, the value of the investment made in the dual qualification has been priceless. Having successfully been through university, keeping your toe in the ‘extra curricula’ water for as long as possible is important. I couldn’t have imagined choosing a better organisation, profession or study centre to do this with. 

You can read Alex Oselton’s most recent student story HERE and you might want to take a look at the article we wrote last June which explains Dual Qualifications in a very visual way – https://nesma.co.uk/how-to-get-your-dual-qualification/

It’s clear any student at any level seeking a career in marketing will be able to differentiate themselves through achieving a dual CIM qualification.

For any questions regarding obtaining a dual qualification and which modules are included do contact Lucy at lucy.davidson@nesma.co.uk.