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Our world continues to change and become ever more complex, whilst at the same time throwing up new opportunities in areas we had never thought of looking.

There is no better time than now to put your strategic capability into full throttle and navigate the significant bumps in the road to somewhere you may have never been before. This is not an ad for a holiday that can’t be had but an opportunity to develop your marketing planning skills to a level you never thought you could achieve. And your board will be thrilled at what a difference you can make to the proverbial triple bottom line.

The CIM Marketing Leadership Programme helps you develop the skills of thinking outside and inside the box; identify opportunities and threats that sit on the horizon – encouraging you to move away from your day-to-day firefighting. It helps you determine what’s important, what to focus on, how to plan for it, who to tell about it and how to measure it.

Environmental analysis, scenario planning, marketing planning, change management and managing for growth are pertinent to all our organisations. The Consultancy module gives you the skills to become a consultant and manage projects across a wide range of disciplines.  Another must for shoring up your CV for an unknown future. 

Alison was the Business Development Manager at McEvoy Engineering Ltd and was part of the first CIM Marketing Leadership cohort. She is now the Financial & Business Development Director.

I joined the CIM Level 7 Marketing Leadership Programme for my own professional development so that my qualifications better reflected the experience I’ve gained in my job. I quickly found that the knowledge I acquired from studying this course has been instrumental in the business’s day-to-day running.

She was joined by Dan Kempin the Business Development Manager at ALE Offshore, who is now the Global Sales Manager for Mammoet/Offshore Services.

Here’s what he said when we sent a note congratulating him on his achievement, illustrating the intensity of the course!

It’s a weird feeling really, now it’s over. The funny thing is that I remember the exact place and time of all three results coming in electronically. The first time I was in Houston in the back of a rental car on the way to the airport at 3 pm. The second time I was waiting in the  ASDA car park, Bishop Auckland, for my son to finish his shift at 9 pm. The third time it was Chennai at 2 am while half asleep …. all local time!

And Kirsty Ramsey, Marketing and Business Development Director at O, an integrated PR, digital and creative communications found Level 7 a challenging development choice.

Having worked in marketing for over 10 years and always been really focused on keeping my skills as relevant and up to date as possible, Level 7 felt like the right choice to really dig into strategy and consultancy. I loved the course as it allowed me to put my experience to the test and learn more with peers, challenging things I knew and learning more about trends and the skills I’d need in the future.

Each module of this masters level programme is designed to help you use the analytical skills you need to plan for and drive your business forward. It aims to help you develop your skills in constructing an argument, evaluating marketing concepts, understanding technology and new trends and collaborating and influencing across the business.

You choose from two mandatory and one elective module; all of which are assessed via a practical work-based assignment. And each module can be taken as a stand-alone award.

  • Contemporary Challenges (mandatory unit)
  • Leading change (mandatory unit)
  • Consultancy (elective unit)
  • Managing Business Growth (elective unit)

It’s the ideal course for experienced managers and senior marketers, as well as being suitable for consultants looking for professional recognition and status whether working in large organisations or as independent business owners.

With this programme, you really are encouraged to tailor your learning around your own career development and the needs of the business.

nesma is one of only six study centres in the world to be asked to run the CIM Marketing Leadership  programme, so we are well-positioned to help you secure the qualification, which, along with your full CIM membership can lead to becoming a Chartered Marketer.

We look forward to working with you to see what we can discover together.