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Meryl has already completed the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing (L4) and has now graduated with a CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing (L6). These courses have contributed to her securing a new role as Brand Manager at Your Move Chris Stonock after being made redundant during her studies. 

Why did you decide to move straight up to the diploma qualification after studying the Certificate? 

Having completed the CIM Level Certificate in April 2020, I decided to move straight up to the Level 6 Diploma qualification because I knew it would significantly enhance my contribution to the business development function for my employer at that time. Unfortunately, I was made redundant, but I continued with my studies during this period of redundancy. Being part of the nesma family was invaluable during this time. Veronica, Lucy and the team helped me to stay focused and remain confident during a difficult few months. The upside was that I was able to explore the strategic concepts of Level 6 in far greater detail than would have been possible had I also been doing a day job!

What did you discover about yourself in the process? 

The leap between Levels 4 and 6 was formidable, and I was apprehensive to begin with. However, I overcame my initial apprehension by really trusting my ability, which let me be more creative and productive. 

I learned that it is essential for me not to get too bogged down with excessive research initially and just get writing!    

What did you enjoy most about the Diploma compared to the Certificate? 

The Level 4 Certificate gave me a comprehensive foundation in Marketing and helped me get my job done; however, the Level 6 Diploma has provided me with the tools required to take a strategic view and plan for the future, which I relish. It has also shown me how to be more thorough in my planning and how important metrics are to analyse performance and stay on track.  

How did you find it doing a Digital Diploma? Have you gained new skills?

The onset of the pandemic demanded a rapid switch to digital for most organisations. Whilst researching the job market, it was evident that the need for digital skills had accelerated and I decided to switch my Level 6 studies to the Digital Diploma. By doing so, my digital marketing skills developed rapidly. As the course is assignment-based, I was also able to build practical confidence by producing a digital optimisation plan, digital buyer personas and a digital customer journey for real organisations across three different assignments.    

What are you doing differently as a result of your studies? 

My new L6 qualification helped me secure a new role in the world of residential property as Brand Manager at Your Move Chris Stonock. YMCS operates in a market that has changed substantially over the last few years, beginning with the disruptive influence of online agents. Most recently, the pandemic has accelerated people’s life plans, and the market has boomed. My role at YMCS is to align the marketing strategy with buyers’ needs and support colleagues to tell our story, helping the company to remain successful during the buoyant market and ensure it is well-placed to deal with inevitable, future downward trends.

What do you enjoy most when you aren’t doing the day job? 

When not working or studying, you’ll find me out and about with friends and family, exploring the countryside and coastline with our dog. I also love theatre and live performances, and I’m really looking forward to being able to freely enjoy these again.   

The CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing is a Level 6 Digital Marketing Course (equivalent to an undergraduate degree). The qualification provides the latest professional standard for digital marketing. The qualification is designed to ensure you are up-to-date on the latest digital marketing thinking and to help you apply your new skills to your own digital strategy.