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Tracy is one of the many CIM students who have progressed with nesma from Level 4 to Level 6 in digital marketing to support their career goals. She has completed both the CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing and the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing as a step toward personal development within her role.

She works at the wonderful The Alnwick Garden as their Sales and Marketing Manager and chose to study CIM qualifications to allow her to grow her departmental business for more celebration events like weddings.

It has made her realise that “you are never too old to study, and you can fit studying into your busy schedule”.

She has commented that the newfound confidence she feels is an entirely transferable skill and has enjoyed putting into practise her new knowledge to produce and implement marketing plans. Most importantly, the boost in confidence has enabled her to talk confidently and with conviction in meetings about marketing and her department’s role, progress, and current strategies to help boost sales through the current cost of living crisis.

Marketing is constantly changing, and The Chartered Institute of Marketing has developed a range of qualifications for each skill level to help develop you and your career. All the learning is brought to life through meaningful and active assessment methods which benefit both the student and the business as they combine practical marketing skills with academic knowledge.