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Gail is a Senior Communications Officer for Hertsmere Borough Council, Hertfordshire and has completed the CIPR Specialist Diploma – Digital Communications. It’s a qualification taught and assessed at Master’s level. You can choose to be evaluated on actual work-related projects, which is great for employers, showing the practical relevance of the course.

She says, ‘I moved into communications after a career in local journalism and have always been aware that my journalistic experience has helped bring a strong sense of storytelling and news values, although I didn’t have a formal CIPR qualification. The increasing emphasis on digital communications and particularly social media marketing in my role led me to the CIPR digital marketing qualification’.

She continues, ‘I enjoyed the opportunity to study, consider and apply theories and research to a problem. My job is often so reactive, with little time to think more strategically. And I hope my continued interest in personal development will help demonstrate to future employers that I’m keen to develop professionally. Studying with nesma has given me space to think about an aspect of my work holistically and strategically and tackle challenges differently. I feel much greater confidence in discussing digital communication trends and know where to go for the latest information and insights.

‘The industry is changing so quickly at present and has changed, almost beyond recognition, in the 15 years I’ve worked in media and communications. I would say that communications is becoming increasingly data-driven and targeted. However, there’s still a place for building and fostering relationships, and you can not underestimate the value of excellent writing and communications skills.’

CIPR Specialist Diploma – Digital Communications will help you understand emerging technologies, digital strategies and social media platforms. You will explore the disruptive and transformative impact of digital technologies on society, businesses, organisations and individuals. Throughout the qualification, you will learn to manage, plan, monitor, measure and evaluate digital and social media activities and engagement with stakeholders and online communities and consider legal and ethical implications.