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David is the Engagement Events Project Officer at the British Heart Foundation and has completed the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing (Level 4).

Why did you choose to study this CIM qualification?

The opportunity to do the course came through a personal development scheme from my employer. As it was a course through CIM, I viewed it as a chance to gain a sector recognised qualification that would help push forward my career growth and prospects. Knowing the course would be taught by a local company was a great incentive to sign up. Automated learning is so impersonal, and although current conditions have moved nesma’s teaching online, they have managed to retain their personal touch. Every course is delivered live and made relevant to the students in that cohort.  

What did you discover about yourself in the process?

That determination and persistence come to the fore when I have the ambition to achieve. The last two modules of the course were challenging due to completing them remotely during Lockdown. The course proved that anything is possible when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. If you can achieve your goals during a global pandemic, then you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Has studying helped your career plans?

Unfortunately, my workplace is going through a period of restructuring with specific job roles at risk of redundancy due to the effects of the pandemic. However, completing the course through nesma will undoubtedly help toward any future progression and new career prospects within the marketing sector. 

What did you enjoy most about studying with us?

It helped to keep me sane during 14 weeks of furlough. Halfway through the course was interrupted by the pandemic, but nesma quickly adapted from physical classes to online sessions. Although this adjustment took a while to get used to, the flexibility of learning this way became apparent. I was on the course with four other young professionals, and it was nice to get to know them through the process as we were all on the same journey with a common goal. The nesma team were friendly and always on hand to help, which made the whole experience more enjoyable and easier to get through it. 

What type of things do you do differently now?

The most notable difference is thinking strategically. I’m now able to identify why certain strategic decisions are made and the potential outcomes arising from them. I now view the planning and development of work projects differently than before. Planning is more methodical with a more ‘joined-up’ approach between different teams and colleagues. I also acutely recognise the knowledge I’ve gained and capabilities to utilise my skill set in various aspects of my life, from problem-solving, lateral thinking and two-way communication. 

Any advice for anyone considering a career in marketing/PR?

My advice is to do it! Although I had previous qualifications in Marketing and Event Management, I was in the retail sector for 15 years before leaping to the events industry. Initially, the thought of changing careers was scary, but I am thankful I did it. Gaining a CIM qualification through nesma has further galvanised my decision to pursue a career in this exciting and fast-paced environment. 

What has changed for your industry?

The pandemic has had an enormous impact on the events sector. As physical events have been halted or scaled back, the reliance on online events has become paramount in transferring skills to digital marketing. Although I didn’t do the Digital Marketing course available, the knowledge gained through nesma has allowed me a better understanding of the broader marketing environment and the factors that affect it. 

What do you enjoy most when you aren’t doing the day job?

Reading and writing. I love collecting old classic novels and devouring the words within them. The plan is to have a personal library at home, which would stop me tripping over piles of books everywhere. Writing has always been a passion, too, with the dream that I’ll have a novel published someday. You never know maybe one day I’ll be placing my own book on the shelves of that personal library. 

The CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing and Digital Marketing is designed for those in a marketing role who are interested in progressing their career. This qualification gives you the practical skills and knowledge to devise and execute tactical marketing activities and gain marketing credibility.