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Kathryn is the Business Development Manager at hedgehog lab and has completed the CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing (Level 4).

Why did you choose this qualification?

I wanted to make a career pivot into marketing and felt I had a lot of the transferable skills. Still, none of the theory, I thought undertaking a formal qualification would help me achieve this.

What did you discover about yourself in the process?

I always knew I was resilient, but completing the course during a global pandemic while starting a new career has reinforced this.

How has studying helped you in your career?

When I started the course, I was working in museum engagement in the public sector. After I completed my second module, I successfully interviewed for a Business Development role at hedgehog lab, a digital
product agency. Studying for this CIM qualification supported my application and interview and was one of the reasons why they thought I was the right candidate for the role.

What did you enjoy most about the studying process?

I enjoyed being in the classroom setting for my first two modules. I loved hearing from the other students about how they were applying what we were learning in their work environments and sharing ideas with them.

What type of things do you do differently as a result of your studies?

I think a lot about the customer journey and what information they want from us and at what points in the buying cycle they interact with us. I also consider when is the most appropriate time to use different communication tactics.

What words of advice would you give anyone considering a career in marketing/PR?

I’d recommend speaking to different people in the industry first to get an insight into the highs and lows. Speak to both in-house and agency professionals yo help you think about what kind of environment would suit you best.

What has changed for your industry in the past six months?

Understandably, there has been a significant shift in workplaces looking at their digital assets. We have seen a lot of companies accelerate their digital transformation strategies due to C19.

What do you enjoy most when you aren’t doing the day job?

I love exploring and adventure, whether it be too far-flung places or a bit closer to home. Lockdown has provided the opportunity to find hidden gems in my local area, including remote nature reserves, undisturbed coastline and rolling countryside.

This CIM qualification provides students with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to support decision making within a digital context at an operational level as a marketing professional.