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It was great to have Amy back! It’s her third qualification with us. She has studied CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing (L4), then DMI L5, and has completed the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing (L6).

Amy is the Marketing Manager at Pryme Group, an engineering and manufacturing company serving the energy, defence, and other industrial sectors.

Why did you choose to study this qualification? 

When I started level 6, I was working in a ‘Marketing Lead’ role, but I was ready to take the next step in my career and move into a management position. I wanted to have the knowledge and qualification to supplement my on-the-job experience so that I had the confidence to back myself if challenged or questioned about a decision I had made.

Not long after I completed the Marketing & Digital Strategy module (first module), I joined Pryme Group as Marketing Manager.  

What did you discover about yourself in the process? 

To work full time and study part-time is hard. There are no two ways about it. Sometimes it feels overwhelming working full time, studying for a degree-level qualification, and maintaining a social life simultaneously. Still, when you come out of it at the other side, you look back and realise just how much of a massive achievement it is. I have learned that it is absolutely ok to feel mega proud of myself, and I am more determined than I thought. 

Has studying with nesma helped you in your career? 

Yes, when you want to move into more senior roles, it is very beneficial to have the qualifications behind you. I first studied with nesma in 2017 when I had just started my first marketing role, and it helped me understand the ‘why’ element. I knew my day-to-day responsibilities, but studying helped me understand why we did things a certain way, which is still valid after finishing level 6. It has also really helped my decision-making skills; it is much easier to make a decision when you have the knowledge to back you up. 

What did you enjoy most about studying? 

I enjoyed having the opportunity to speak to other marketers across all different sectors and seeing different points of view on the same topic. I’ve always worked in manufacturing companies with small marketing teams, and I have been the whole marketing team in my two most recent roles. So having access to a community of like-minded people really makes a difference. 

What do you do differently now? 

I definitely approach tasks and challenges differently. Whilst I might not sit with the SOSTAC wheel in front of me all day, every day, when I create a marketing plan, I walk through the framework in my head, and as a result, my plans are a lot more structured and a lot more robust. 

One thing that sticks with me is Kris Wood’s guidance; she taught me that when you are writing a report or a communication piece, if you get to the end of a sentence and you can say ‘so what’ then you haven’t explained your point well enough – And you need to cut the waffle out! That has helped me stick to the point and be more focused in written communications. 

What words of advice would you give anyone considering a career in marketing/PR? 

If you want a career where you will be doing something different every day, then marketing is for you. Working in a general marketing role, you wear a different hat every single day. You’re a graphic designer, a photographer, a writer and a planner all in the same week or sometimes all in the same day. The marketing landscape is changing exponentially with new digital technologies and trends emerging all the time, it’s an exciting and daunting time to be working in marketing, but it is rewarding. So don’t be afraid to take a jump into marketing and don’t be afraid to suggest something audacious because you never know, in 2 years, that bold suggestion could be the new normal.  

What are the significant changes within your industry at present? 

Energy transition, Pryme Group have had a strong presence in the oil & gas market for several years. However, as the world moves towards cleaner energy sources and renewables, we have been working to diversify our business and our offering, supporting our customers on their journey to net-zero whilst supporting our existing client base.    

What do you enjoy most when you aren’t doing the day job? 

I love travelling and seeing new places, in the UK or abroad. I love booking a last-minute city break, although admittedly, that hasn’t happened since COVID took over. I also love looking after my family and friends’ dogs when they go away; hopefully, I will have one of my own to spoil one day!  

The CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing (L6) focuses on marketing and management. It will provide you with the strategic skills, knowledge and understanding to help you progress your career. This qualification is suitable for Senior Executives, Team Leaders, Managers, Heads of and Directors.