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nesma is a highly respected teaching centre for the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, with impressively high pass rates from students across the UK and worldwide.

We currently have a 100% pass rate for CIM qualifications and a 92% pass rate for CIPR qualifications.


In addition to our 100% pass rate, 80% of nesma’s students received a merit or distinction for their modules.

This was the range of qualifications studied;

  • CIMCertificate in Professional Marketing (L4/Foundation Degree)
  • CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing (L4/Foundation Degree)
  • CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing (L6/BA (Hons) degree) 
  • CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing (L6/BA (Hons) degree) 
  • CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing (L6/BA (Hons) degree) 
  • CIM Marketing Leadership Programme (L7/Postgraduate Degree)

nesma delivers the complete range of professionally recognised CIM marketing qualifications from Level 3 to Level 7.


nesma students received an impressive 92% pass rate across a wide variety of CIPR qualifications.

This time, nesma had graduates with the following qualifications;

  • CIPR Professional PR Certificate (L5/degree)
  • CIPR Specialist Certificate – Internal Communications (L7/Postgraduate Degree)
  • CIPR Specialist Diploma – Internal Communications (L7/Postgraduate Degree)
  • CIPR Specialist Diploma – Crisis Communications (L7/Postgraduate Degree)
  • CIPR Specialist Diploma – Digital Communications (L7/Postgraduate Degree)
  • CIPR Specialist Diploma – Public Affairs (L7/Postgraduate Degree)

nesma offers the full suite of CIPR qualifications alongside the key specialist courses that can support particular career development needs.

All our sessions are taught via live webinars, so you can interact with your tutors and peer group to build your knowledge and network while gaining valuable qualifications.

We constantly expand our offer to learners to reflect the fast-changing business landscape, making us the perfect skills partner to help you bridge any skills gaps you or your teams have.

Most recently, we added the prestigious CIM Marketing Leadership Programme, introduced the CIM and CIPR sustainability qualifications, launched the CIM Specialist Digital Awards and partnered with PR Smith, a renowned author and marketing expert, to deliver the popular SOSTAC® planning masterclasses.