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Deb Sharratt an award-winning, PR practitioner and a tutor on CIPR qualification & communication courses with nesma has pulled together some prudent advice in a blog called –

9 challenges independent PR practitioners face every day – and how to overcome them.

She share’s what she thinks are the 9 challenges that need to be overcome to be successful as a sole trader. These are lessons she has learnt during 8 years in practice, they will resonate with other independent practitioners and are definitely worth reading if you are thinking about going it alone in 2019.

They include;

  1. Cashflow – Remember you are running a business and not just freelancing in between jobs.
  2. Learn to say no – It might feel strange the first time you do it but remember you are your own boss.
  3. Resigning Clients – Never stop evaluating whether you are still the right fit.
  4. Risk – Don’t hold all your eggs on one basket and regularly take a look at how your services are shaped.
  5. Insurance – Have you thought about what will happen if you can’t work?
  6. Holidays – Do you have an emergency plan in place?
  7. Colleagues – Have you actually considered what working independently means to you, especially if you are a social person.
  8. Professional Development – Make a plan to continue with your professional development.
  9. Workload – This is probably one of the biggest challenges but get it right and you’ll remember why you enjoy being independent!

You can read Deb’s full blog HERE.

Is there anything else you think Deb should have added to this list?