How will you tell your story in 2019?

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Storytelling and narrative are critical to Strategic Communications and PR.

Kick-start your year and transform the story you will be telling about you, your business and how you will make the best of challenging circumstances in 2019.

Transform the story you will be telling in 2019 with a one-day in-company masterclass.

Just 2 dates available at a special rate – Tuesday 8 January and Thursday 10 January.
The special rate is £1250 + VAT for up to 10 people (normally £1500 + VAT).

Other dates available on request.

We will help you realise the precious opportunities around you through establishing a more powerful narrative by transforming both your story and your team’s confidence and capabilities.

What’s the offer?

Enjoy a one-day workshop with a storytelling maestro, Andy Green. Andy will work with your team to create quick wins – dramatically improving what makes your story special – as well as the ‘sticky facts’ you need people to know about you. He will transform how your Brand tells its stories, as well as leave a legacy of an easy-to-use Toolkit enabling your team to be better story-tellers and story listeners.

Who’s it for?

  • A team that has a big event happening in 2019
  • A team who is looking for that BIG idea to work across multiple channels
  • A team that is required to influence others more effectively
  • A team that needs to work on its underlying scripts

How does it work?

1. We will set up an advanced brief to understand your plans, aspirations and challenges for 2019 to ensure we tailor the workshop to your precise needs.
2. We will deliver a bespoke 1-day workshop session which will work around your live challenges.
3. We will provide a Debrief Action Plan.
4. We will give you a  ‘Transform your Storytelling and Narrative Toolkit’ that you can start using straight away!

What will you learn?

1. How to transform your strategies and stories.
2. How to create BIG IDEAS for multi-channel stories.
3. Understand what narrative is – and what it isn’t – and how to use it for new insights for strategic thinking.
4. Identify your Story Persona and how to tell your stories through that Persona.
5. Transform your next Thought Leadership, strategy, message, news release or content using the fundamental 5 Story Plots.
6. Identify the very heart of your emotional message and use it to connect.
7. Discover how to ‘Story Listen’.

What will you take away?

  • You’ll find out whether you have previously been just a ‘news storyteller’ rather than a storyteller
  • Understand that your communication whatever the format do not need to be tediousness, tame or uninspiring
  • Understand how to unleash the powerful stories waiting within your communications

How will you benefit?

  • You will be a more confident storyteller and creator of corporate narrative
  • You will be able to identify and use key storytelling strategies and tools
  • Your communications will have more impact, engagement and memorability
  • You can influence and change behaviours by identifying the underlying scripts people are using in the telling of their story and provide more powerful alternatives
  • You will have many more stories to tell!

This practical-based workshop is tailored to work on your ‘live’ challenges and provides you with an easy-to-use Toolkit. It transforms you and your team’s ability to achieve stand-out engagement in how you communicate and tell great stories.