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Deb Mullinder has been working with nesma for some time and now she’s about to start delivering the integrated communications module on CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing – Level 4.

“What I love about this course is that it provides the learner with a very comprehensive grounding in all aspects of marketing. This is a great starting point for those in the early stages of their marketing careers.”

Deb will be delivering the integrated communications module to small groups providing the perfect opportunity to dig deep when it comes to discussing and applying the learning to real life.

Small group learning is beneficial on many levels, first of all, learners have the opportunity to connect with other learners from all different backgrounds, each bringing their own experiences, challenges and successes of what marketing means in their world. Secondly, through sharing experiences learners get a better understanding of the depth and breadth of the marketing environment.

And this is why she is keen to get started!

“What I can bring to the learner is my wealth of marketing experiences from a career which spans over 20 years. Having worked for many employers, small, large, public, private…my experience is very broad. As a current marketing professional with a day job, I’m all about real time. I think this gives nesma the edge in terms of equipping our learners with not only the theory but the ability to apply that theory in practice and discussing its relevance to each of the learner’s marketing environments.

Gone are the days of learning parrot fashion, my view is that a real-time marketer needs to take a three step approach –

  1. Know the model
  2. Apply the model in the right situation
  3. Recognise the need to revisit, reapply, remove, replace a model if it’s no longer fit for purpose in their particular environment

This is a great opportunity for me to connect with others, to learn something new and give something back!”

Integrated Communications is just one of the modules that build up the CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing. It can be studied stand alone as a separate award or as part of achieving the full Level 4 qualification. You will explore the many different ways of communicating with customers, both inside and outside your organisation. This course is perfect for someone already in a junior marketing position, aspires to a career in marketing or is moving into marketing.

This module will be on a Friday starting in April. Before making up your mind, contact us so that we can make sure this is the best course for you.