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Inspirational stories from the North Easts leading ladies – 8/3/17

International Women’s day, a day to celebrate the inspiring social, economic, political and cultural milestones made by women’s across the globe. Yesterday I could not have been happier to spend it surrounded by a selection of the best and brightest women of the North East.

The Mussel Club and the University of Sunderland joined forces at Hope Street Xchange to host a fabulous line-up of speakers, all there to share their stories with a room of over 180+ like-minded individuals.

I could write a book on the inspirational stories and messages that were shared throughout the morning, but realistically there just isn’t the time! Therefore, instead, I wanted to share with you one message I took away that really inspired me from each speaker.

So without further ado-

Fiona Cruickshank (Community Foundation): Be bold. Stand up for what you want and don’t be pushed into the background because of your gender. If you have an idea, a product, a business that you know is great or that you can make great then be brave and go for it!

Laura Middleton (The Office Rocks): Reward your employees and look after them as they are your greatest asset, don’t take them for granted.

Kimberley Ivory (Tudhoe Learning Trust): Education is the key to empowering women of any age from nursery onwards to adulthood. Go out get qualifications, read and try something new to expand your knowledge, you can never know too much.

Tracey Chandler (Emirates): Always strive for what you want. Whether people think it may be impossible, or even you yourself may think it is unachievable never be afraid to take a leap of faith.

Claire Hoy (University of Sunderland): You can be a leader no matter who you are. Put yourself at the centre and think ‘What am I good at?’ and build on your strengths.

Tina Young (Barking Mad): If you do something you enjoy you will never work a day in your life. Persevere, work hard and don’t measure your success against what others have. Success is defined by you.

Fiona Simpson (Artventurers): It is never too late to change career paths. Just because you are doing one thing now it doesn’t mean you have to for the rest of your life. We are human and our interests, passions and circumstances change so be bold and don’t be afraid of changing your mind.

Kevin Hayes (Greggs): Believe in yourself. Women are more likely to take a step back in the workplace but with this year’s theme being #BeBold take a step forward and volunteer, speak up about your abilities and opportunities will present themselves.

As I reflect on what amazing opportunities women are granted in the UK we must also remember that the fight isn’t over for many women in the rest of the world. We need to continue to celebrate women, not just today but every day and continue to fight for the rights of every woman where ever they are.

It is also equally as important to realise that men are not to be dismissed in the fight for equality; we still need their support and voice as advocates and enablers in our campaign for worldwide equal rights.

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