We are so pleased that every one of our students who took a CIM assessment with us last term passed!  

This gives us another fantastic set of CIM results for our students, with 80% of them receiving merit or distinction. Studying a qualification takes tremendous commitment, especially when working full time. So this set of results deserves a massive congratulations to our students and tutors as they have all distinguished themselves by their hard work.

“Post-pandemic, those companies that have survived are getting busier. Good marketing and communications managers are hard to find and there are some great jobs coming up, many of which require CIM or CIPR qualifications. Our graduates are skilled in work-based problem solving and can devise strategies for their employer companies that are suited to the market needs of innovation, creativity, authenticity and sustainability. These are skills that often get left to the marketing department but need to be part of the organisation’s DNA.”

Veronica Swindale is a Chartered Marketer, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

The graduates span the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing (L4), the CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing (L4), the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing (L6) and the CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing (L6).

We are blown away by our students’ and tutors’ achievements once again. Well done, everyone.

Our January term has started, and we are busy enrolling new students for the April Term. One of the good things about CIM qualifications is that there are four opportunities throughout the year to get started. 

And if you haven’t already heard, nesma will be starting its first cohort for CIM’s new sustainability module in April too. You can study this as a standalone award or combine it to receive the CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing. This qualification is perfect for you if you work in a managerial or operational role within an organisation concerned with leading the way business responds to sustainability challenges and are keen to drive and effect real change. Heads of sustainability and other more specific sustainability-related roles would also benefit.