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CIM has added a new sustainability module to the Level 6 CIM qualification options recognising the significant role Marketers have in responsible marketing.

The Diploma in Sustainable Marketing programme enables learners to explore key aspects of sustainability and identify those which could create long-term value for your organisation and its customers, alongside meeting the requirements for the sustainability of the planet.

Giving learners the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of marketing’s role in creating a sustainable environment. You will explore key concepts of sustainability to gain a better understanding of the level of change that the organisation can achieve and how marketing facilitates that change.

You will consider the role of marketing in engaging with stakeholders (with the natural world established as a key stakeholder) to understand how to reframe core strategies and construct a brand purpose that aligns with relevant sustainability imperatives. Equipping you to plan, resource and execute key actions, and communicate how and why your organisation is responding to the evolving sustainability agenda.

The CIM Level 6 Diploma in Sustainable Marketing is designed to offer progression from all CIM Level 4 qualifications and also links with the Level 6 CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing and Level 6 CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing.

This qualification is perfect for you if you work in a managerial or operational role within an organisation concerned with leading the way business responds to sustainability challenges and are keen to drive and effect real change. Heads of sustainability and other more specific sustainability-related roles would also benefit.

You can study this as a standalone award or combine it to receive the CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing. Those who already have a Level 6 Diploma in Marketing or Digital Marketing can complete it to create an additional qualification. In effect at Level 6, you can now study 6 modules to gain 3 varied qualifications.

In developing this module CIM has worked in close partnership with the Carbon Literacy Trust.

In addition, nesma is working locally with Dr Helen Goworek, Associate Professor in Marketing and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead for Durham University Business School

An 8-hour course will be available from February of Carbon Literacy Project training which companies in the region can benefit from. You can read the article we prepared together for Northern Insight magazine here, where Helen talks about future-proofing the planet with responsible leadership, education and action.

If you are interested in these courses please contact or phone her on 07734 222254.