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Influencer relations is a hot topic right now in the communications world.

How would you rate your approach? Is it ethical and effective?

To help you get it right Anne-Marie Lacey and Deb Sharratt have devised a brand new series of workshops in which they will share their top tips.

Join them for either one or both of our two full-day ‘Working with Bloggers’ workshops:

Day 1 – May 22 – Expand and Refine your Influencer Marketing
Day 2 – June 21 – Advanced Influencer Relations

Day 1 – Sep 18 – Expand and Refine your Influencer Marketing
Day 2 – Oct 16 – Advanced Influencer Relations

It’s quite a minefield as Vuelio itself-has a list of 11,000 bloggers and vloggers, and across the world, millions of blog posts are written every day. If you are not putting your brand in front of the right people you’re quite frankly wasting your time. You need to be working with the right people who have the right reach into your target audience and who share an affinity with your brand, its purpose and products.

We are afraid there are no shortcuts, you need to do your homework it takes time, care and dedication. After all, there is a point to this exercise, right and you need to achieve your strategic objectives?

Plus you need to be on your best behaviour as ASA recently announced a review into how paid-for influencer and native advertising is signposted online, saying that misleading posts damage consumer trust in advertising. Which of course it does as protecting and preserving your brand reputation is your top priority.

Keeping on the right side of the law is a must, there are regulations set out by the ASA, CAP Code, CMA, Google that you need to follow, plus, if you’re a member of the CIPR or PRCA, you also need to keep in mind the ethics of the respective Codes of Conduct too.

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