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Marketing is one of the most multi-skilled occupations there is. nesma has now worked with students and organisations for over 8 years to help them develop their marketing and communication skills.

Additional skills are becoming more valued by employers, and there are lots of ways to develop new skills or build on your old ones. It’s all about finding the right approach for you!

Continuing professional development demonstrates a commitment to your profession, as well as your company, and there’s no doubt that marketers need a wide range of skills to navigate the ever-changing commercial landscape.

As an accredited teaching centre for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Digital Marketing Institute, nesma is always looking at how we can adapt and respond to changing conditions, with the style and variety of courses we offer.

This is why we have recently added video marketing, marketing metrics and Microsoft skills, amongst others to our 1-day skill sessions, to reflect the modern marketers’ needs. As we know, the one thing that marketers are is both curious and busy! Therefore, these courses are aimed at increasing their know-how, in practical, short bursts in open learning sessions or taken in-house to teams.

These one-day workshops allow participants to share best practice and interact with experts in their field, with the topics being linked to every day on the job learning.

There has never been a more relevant time to ensure you have a plan for your continuing professional development, why not take a look at the new courses we have introduced to help you to learn something new!