Dr Heather Yaxley

What I do for nesma

I’m part of the team supporting delivery and assessment of CIPR’s suite of professional qualifications.

My background

I established Applause Consultancy in 2000 after 10+ years working in PR/communication roles (in-house and agency). My business helps individuals, teams, departments, and organisations address strategic challenges and improve performance.

As a published author, researcher, and qualified educator, I have worked at several universities and been involved with CIPR professional qualifications for over 20 years (I’m a CIPR Accredited Practitioner and Fellow). I am qualified in psychology, public relations, business communications, learning and teaching, and gained a PhD from Bournemouth University in career strategies.

I share my home with four dogs and a growing library of books, including a collection of historical and contemporary PR texts.

My particular skills and experience

I’m skilled in applying proven creative, intuitive, imaginative, reflective, and critical techniques to achieve positive change. Along with strong competence in writing, research, and problem-solving, I started blogging in 2006 & have been involved with social media since 2007. I pick up technology super quickly, love graphic design, and am obsessed with creating models and frameworks as explanatory devices.

Why I love my job!

I am passionate about helping others achieve their professional dreams and ambitions through sustainable career development, pro-active learning, ethics of care, reflective practice, sharing scraps of wisdom, and having fun.