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Sam is the Marketing Coordinator for software developer Oasys Limited and has graduated with a CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing (L6) after deciding to formalise her vast experience with a degree level qualification that would benefit her and the business she works for.

Why did you choose to study this qualification? 

I had no formal marketing qualifications. I’d studied odd certificates online and have seven years of experience in the sector but knew I wanted to understand the theory behind what I’d picked up over the years. My boss encouraged me to explore options, and through talking to a friend who had also studied with nesma, I realised that the CIM L6 was for me!

What did you discover about yourself in the process? 

After diving back into studying for a long time since graduating from University, I figured out that I should just get started with the writing a lot earlier and try not to get too bogged down in endless research. Imposter syndrome raised its head, and I convinced myself that I didn’t yet know enough to put pen to paper, but starting to string my thoughts together helped me make a decent start. Also, it turns out I’m pretty resilient! 

Has studying with nesma helped you in your career? 

Yes, we’ve just hired a Marketing Assistant. Which will allow me to focus on a higher-level marketing strategy as I position myself for promotion. 

What did you enjoy most about studying? 

I think the flexibility of studying with nesma was great. I always planned to defer a semester to get married (even more so when wedding planning during the pandemic!) and have a break afterwards. Studying with a centre that appreciated that the work had to fit in around your schedule was amazing. 

What type of things do you do differently now? 

I think I have more confidence in myself, something the team has noticed too, which is always nice! I’ve put together product launch marketing plans. I’m also still learning to kick aside the imposter syndrome and have trust in myself!

What words of advice would you give anyone considering a career in marketing/PR? 

Follow companies that inspire you with their marketing. You never know when you can take inspiration from them in your own projects! 

What are the significant changes within your industry at present? 

The pandemic has disrupted the construction industry (our software is used in this industry), meaning that buildings are being repurposed from offices, either changed in layout or even purpose, for example, to become residential. Of course, travel is a bit different for everyone, too. 

What do you enjoy most when you aren’t doing the day job? 

I enjoy getting outside, either running or walking with our labradoodle, Ella. We were out walking as the results landed for my last two results, so she must be my good luck token! I’m also a fan of baking and sampling Pina Coladas!  

The Diploma in Professional Marketing is a qualification that will enable you to build the skills in order to progress and is ideal for individuals who wish to develop their strategic marketing knowledge and management capabilities.