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nesma student, Julie Defoort, shares her career journey so far and her thoughts on the latest CIM Conversation with… Event at Communicator.

Why do you want to move into Marketing?

After several years as a scientific information analyst, I wanted to understand how my company managed to maintain its position as market leader. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to join the Marketing team as a Technical Information Manager and then as a Market Analyst. It gave me a taste of understanding and responding to customer needs.  Although historic data is important in marketing, I wanted to look forward as well and to work with organisations on original and cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of customers.  What I like about marketing is this mixture between accurate information and creativity. You can’t find this easily in other activities. Finally, the versatility and the necessity to adapt regularly to new trends, new tools, and new methods in marketing are the other reasons that made me choose this career.

I’d like my professional life to be challenging every day!

How did you find the Communicator event helpful or inspirational regarding this decision?

What I really liked was the relaxed atmosphere. This format is ideal to stimulate exchanges between the speaker and the audience. It is friendly and comfortable. Moreover, I think it is genuinely helpful for young marketers to hear about the career of a senior marketer. In fact, it confirmed that there is not a dedicated road to reach a marketing position. Thanks to Michele Gettins’ experience and advice, I know now that if I want to become a marketer, I have to try and try again until I succeed, wherever I come from.

As I am trying to move from market research into strategic marketing, I also need to ensure that my choices are appropriate and this event clearly addressed my doubts.

I don’t have a marketing qualification, so I decided to find a way to improve and to certify my knowledge in marketing. The other challenge for me is to understand the UK market as I am a French expatriate. At the event, I remember Michele Gettins said that if you want to become a marketer without any previous qualifications, she would recommend to become a volunteer and to study. I was glad to hear that because that’s what I have chosen to do for a few months. In August, I began to volunteer as a marketing assistant with a focus on social media and web design. In the meantime, I have joined nesma to study the CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing.

How is studying at nesma preparing you for this career change?

Studying with nesma helps me to reinforce my understanding of the fundamentals of marketing. I would describe this as “putting the right information in the right box”. nesma’s training helps me in feeling more confident to manage marketing activities in the future.

The most important aspect is also to understand very clearly what the role of a marketer is and what employers expect from you. nesma gives me the opportunity to build the right skills and to understand how to use it. Now, I am eager to continue this certification in 2017 as I will have the opportunity to study some real cases with the assignments I need to complete.

What I particularly appreciate about nesma is the availability of the team and their professionalism. I am enjoying being part of a face to face course because it provides the opportunity to discuss challenges faced at work with a group of people from various industries. I am also building valuable relationships which help me keep on track as I progress through the certification.

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Guest Blog by Julie Defoort
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Julie Defoort