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Since completing the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing with nesma in 2017, I have worked in a range of B2B, Third Sector and B2C marketing environments alongside running my own vegan events business in Scotland.

Social media is a passion of mine, and in 2018 I chose to pivot my career development to lean into that passion. I enjoyed 2 years as a Social Media Specialist at the University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School, where I was the strategic and creative lead on all social media content and video production. I also delivered guest lectures to BA Hons Marketing students as part of their digital and entrepreneurial modules.

The pandemic was a challenging time for everyone; however, I feel incredibly privileged to work in an industry that boomed during that period. Locked inside, working remotely or simply in need of a distraction from the news people turned to the digital world for connection and in turn, brands needed help from professionals to embrace social transformation.

During this period, I took my own time to consider my long-term goals, what I wanted and what my next steps should be. I decided that I wanted to work with B2B brands leading worldwide technical innovation and for a company that presented international opportunities. And to do so, I moved to London.

After a short period at an independent creative agency in Shoreditch, I now work for a global social transformation agency called 1000Heads in the heart of Soho, London. My role as a Senior Community Manager means that I am part of the senior team that leads editorial excellence, team management and social strategy across clients as well as contributing to new business pitches. I have been lucky to work with clients such as IntelUK and Garden Gourmet, however, my current clients are AmazonUK and Workplace from Meta.

Social transformation is an area of marketing that has seen exponential growth in the last 5 years. As a data-driven company with a gold standard legacy in creative content and strategy, 1000Heads is exactly where I need and want to be to grow alongside the market.

My favourite part of working there is the standard we’re all held to when delivering work. Yes, the culture is brilliant and the people nice but ultimately everyone is simply fantastic at their job, and we make a point of learning from each other. As a manager, I learn something new from junior members of staff each week and, as someone that loves mentoring, I in turn take time to help them grow and develop that knowledge into a strategic social approach.

My own development manager is an editorial wizard with a proven track record of strategic excellence in the company. There’s a lot to learn from her and other senior members of the Community Team. Just now, I am working towards the next stage in my career as a Community Director, and attending strategic workshops held by the senior team to help build on my existing skill set.

In short, the standard at 1000Heads is high, and the work is challenging at times, but when you are working with some of the biggest brands in the country that’s the ask and we’re happy to deliver because it’s _exciting_.

Sometimes it’s nice to pause and take stock of how much can change in 5 years, my advice to anyone starting out is: if you’re not nervous or feel challenged, you need to move up a level. So, figure out how to do it, ask questions and don’t wait for someone to hand it to you because they won’t.