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We are really happy to announce that nesma students collectively achieved a 97% overall pass rate for the December 2015 exam session. Congratulations to everyone who passed a module or completed a qualification!

Course folders

CIM Level 3- Customer Communications: Emma Powell

CIM Level 4 – Marketing: Rob Atherton, Adam Barker, Any Batch, Carley Bolam, Sophie Laing, Jamie Luckley, Emma Nattrass, Charlotte Thompson, Lauren Wilson, Jenny Braithwaite, Sharron Brennan, Phillip Casey, Gerri Dick, Peter Jennings, Dan McAuley, Emma Powell, Emma Powell, Gonzalo Tiesi, Anna Fawcett, Adrian Flanagen, Laura Gay, Rosie Groves, Janice Harvey, Ebba McGuigan, Heather Robinson and Jeanette Turner

CIM Level 4- Integrated Communications: Holli Brown, Elann Carel, Clare Galland, Heather Robinson, Jen Scott, Gonzalo Tiesi, Darren Wingfield and Christopher Yorke

CIM Level 6- Strategic Marketing: Kate Armstrong, Louise Bailey, Sarah Barksby, Jaya Bedi, Andreah Chisholm, Lucy Drummond, Fiona Ford, Maggie Love and Anna Robinson

CIM Level 6- Mastering Metrics: Suzanne Smith, Faye Mann and Callum Grieves

CIM Level 6- Driving Innovation: Diane Smith

CIM Level 6- Digital Strategy: Andreah Chisholm

CIM Level 7- Emerging Themes: Jodie McAndrew

CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications: Laura Carrick and Gerri Dick