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We must be doing something right! As the results from our CIM summer term during Lockdown were 100 % with over 81% of our students achieving a distinction or merit.

We aim to keep our virtual teaching package as close to our face to face nesma teaching as possible. Therefore all our teaching sessions across both CIM and CIPR qualifications are live interactive webinars, thus giving our students and tutors the ability to talk through the materials, ask questions and have a rounded learning experience.

They are not pre-recorded lectures.

At the beginning of each term, we start with an ice breaker and intro session to put everyone at ease. And now we are into our third round of virtual teaching we will be adding qualification level virtual socials too as this will help facilitate network building and peer interaction. As when you read our ‘Student Stories‘, you’ll notice a common theme in that developing connections and friends are equally important to them as the know-how they take-away. It’s important for us too, as we know a supportive teaching environment enhances the learning experience.

Catherine Taylor, from BAE Sytems, recently completed her CIPR Specialist Diploma – Internal Communications with us and commented.

It depends on the institute and qualification but on average you will receive a 2-hour teaching session per week each term, with one of our specialist tutors to help structure and pace your learning. We use Microsoft Teams which enables us to create dedicated qualification group teams so that you can group chat to your hearts content and share materials with each other easily.

David Wilson-More recently completed his CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing and made the switch from classroom to online learning in the middle of his studies.

You will still receive all your teaching materials, including physical textbooks for your qualification, and awarding body materials via the post or a socially distanced drop off depending where you live!

Ahead of each assignment submission, you will have access to a 1:1 tutorial with your tutor to enable bespoke experience.

The good thing about virtual learning is that you don’t have to put your development plans on hold. We feel we have managed to recreate our classroom experience online, enabling full interactions with the tutor leading your course without you having to leave your home or office.

We hope by making them live and interactive you are not sacrificing one of the important benefits of the face-to-face classroom which is the social experience.

You will find some useful tips on how to prepare for your first virtual session with us here.