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If you process any personal data, then you need to understand the implications of GDPR.  This might mean that you have a website, promote yourself through email marketing or that you employ staff. No matter what size your company is, you need to comply with this regulation.

There is no shortage of advice on GDPR, but if you want to take a more practical approach, nesma’s Kate Armstrong is a registered GDPR Fundamentals Practitioner and recognised as a specialist in the new GDPR Fundamentals standard.

GDPR Fundamentals is a management system created by a collaborative team of experts in the fields of cybersecurity, legal, management systems and marketing.  It is actively monitored by the government and any updates to GDPR are fed directly into the GDPR Fundamentals standard. This means that advice is reaching GDPR Fundamentals certified companies undiluted from the top down, sorting fact from fiction in an arena of conflicting advice.

Kate also heads up a marketing agency in Cumbria.  She explained, “As a marketing agency, we knew we had to comply with GDPR,” Kate explained.  “But it didn’t make sense to invest in our preparations for the legislation without sharing our knowledge and experience with others who could benefit from it.”

Kate continued, “It took my company around 200 hours to understand and implement GDPR-ready systems for our company.  Admittedly, we have taken a ‘belt and braces’ approach towards GDPR, given our desire to support the ethical objectives of the new legislation.”

nesma is introducing a new three-part programme of activity that has been devised to offer practical assistance to organisations in their efforts to comply with the new data protection regulations. The package options consist of the following sections and are aimed to take those with little or no knowledge of GDPR up to full compliance.

  • Option 1: How do you know if you are compliant?
    1-day training including a GDPR Fundamentals attendance certificate from the accrediting body on completion of the course.
  • Option 2: Testing your compliance
    Includes everything listed in Option 1 plus an audit of your organisation’s current compliance with GDPR. A report will be produced including recommendations for improvement.
  • Option 3: Affirming your compliance
    Including everything listed in Option 2 plus a GDPR Fundamentals certificate of compliance for your organisation (the certificate will be issued once your organisation has met the standard. The training and audit are designed to provide you with the practical understanding required to meet the standard.)

Veronica Swindale, comments, “This programme is specifically designed to help you understand your organisation’s legal duties, put a spotlight on any changes you need to make and ultimately ensure you reach the GDPR Fundamentals standard. By using the GDPR Fundamentals framework you will have confidence in your compliance.”

Look out for courses on our website or book a bespoke package which can be delivered in the context of your business practices.

Find out more about the GDPR Fundamentals programme here –

28 March – Newcastle

20 April – Newcastle

27 April – Carlisle

Get more information about this course and the full programme by emailing or calling Kate Armstrong on 07930 473 971.

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