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The GDPR Fundamentals standard offers businesses the opportunity to obtain external recognition of their GDPR management system and has been written using the principles of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679).

And here’s 8 reasons why it’s a good idea!

1. The GDPR Fundamentals standard is actively monitored by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and any updates to GDPR are fed directly into the GDPR Fundamentals standard.

2. GDPR Fundamentals certificate holders will be directly updated regarding any changes to GDPR that may affect them. The flow of information stems from DCMS directly to GDPR Fundamentals, then directly to you. This should assure you that advice is reaching you undiluted from the top down and to sort the fact from the fiction in an arena of conflicting advice.

3. GDPR Fundamentals isn’t just one person or one organisation. It is a collaborative network of accredited practitioners who are guided by a team of legal, business management control, cyber security and marketing experts, some of whom regularly influence government policy. They are all available to offer advice to organisations that have achieved the GDPR Fundamentals standard and have done just this across the globe.

4. Trust is an important value for people when they make purchases and knowing that you secure the privacy of their data is critical. Meeting the GDPR Fundamentals standard is likely to raise your organisation above the competition when it comes to promoting trust in your brand.

5. Your organisation probably sits within a supply chain of data processing. As your suppliers and clients prepare for GDPR, they will be asking you to evidence your organisation’s compliance. This can be easily provided if you tell them you meet the GDPR Fundamentals standard.

6. Some public sector tenders are now asking bidders to provide evidence of GDPR compliance and this is a trend that is likely to grow. The GDPR Fundamentals certificate is a recognised standard for data protection compliance and is a straightforward way of evidencing compliance in your tender bid.

7. The ICO expects data controllers to ‘demonstrate compliance’ with the GDPR. This means you need to evidence the data protection systems and processes that are already in place. It’s no good waiting until you’re in breach of the Regulations and then hiring your lawyer to get you off the hook; there’s no excuse for not being prepared.

8. Meeting the GDPR Fundamentals standard means that your organisation has been independently audited by a third party. This is evidence to ‘demonstrate compliance’ and organisations that meet the standard are likely to be met with more leniency from the ICO than organisations without.

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