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An Introduction to Facebook for Business

Facebook is the world’s most popular social media platform; with around 45 million people in the United Kingdom having a profile registered alone. This, along with the incredibly powerful free tools available to us on the platform, makes it an obvious space to look to promote your business, grow your following, and market your products or services.

Whether you want to or currently use Facebook for personal reasons, this isn’t a space that you can afford to ignore for your business in our increasingly digital world.

If you want to use Facebook for your business but don't know where to start, then this session is perfect for you. Introducing the social media platform as a business tool, we'll explore how you go about setting up and optimising a Business Page, before getting you started with building your online audience and looking to create those first pieces of content.

Course Structure

This is a bite-sized 90-minute practical virtual session to help you improve your knowledge of the social media platform for your business.

It will cover;

Creating a Facebook Business Page

Follow the simple steps and learn how to create a Page for your business on the platform. Unlike personal profiles, Pages will allow you to access and make the most of all of the free business tools available to you on Facebook; from automated messaging, to scheduling content, to promoting your business’s contact information to your audience.

 Optimising your new business presence

Understanding the various ways that you can optimise your Page on Facebook can be the difference between converting a customer, or helping someone find you through Facebook’s search feature. We’ll walk through the entire ‘Page Info’ section so that you know exactly what to add to your Page and how it will affect your business presence on (and off) the platform.

 Posting your first piece of content

We’ve all likely posted something to social media before, but posting as a business is an entirely different kettle of fish. Looking at the first pieces of content you can create for your business Page will help you get up and running and confident in what you want to say to your audience on the platform.

Wednesday 13th January, 2021
10:00 am - 11:30 am

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£49 + VAT per person, per session.

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