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Achieving a dual CIM marketing/digital marketing qualification will help you to differentiate yourself as a Marketer. And it’s not as difficult as you might think to achieve.

You can gain a dual qualification at Levels 3 to 6 by studying one extra module. Yes, it’s really that simple, if you plan it right.

We chatted to Marine, who recently completed the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing and took an extra module in Digital Marketing Techniques to add the CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing qualification to her accredited achievements.

We asked her why she decided it was a valuable investment in his personal and business development to complete a dual CIM qualification at Level 4.

Following the certificate in professional marketing (level 4), I decided to add the digital marketing techniques module for 3 main reasons.

1) The first being… We have all seen the importance of digital marketing with the COVID-19 pandemic. More companies have been employing digital tools to promote their business, and they have seen real tangible benefits. More organisations are finding digital marketing to be a fundamental aspect of their wider marketing strategies. Therefore, it was clear to me digital marketing needed to be part of my personal development to expand my skillset and help the business I am currently working for.

2) Moving into a digital marketing executive role in August 2020, I wanted to ensure I had a robust understanding of digital practices to support my current employer as much as possible.

3) I have been interested in digital marketing for a long time. Completing this module was a great way to satisfy my personal interest and gain a deeper understanding

Marine Derambure, the Digital Marketing Executive for Appetite for Business

You can read Marine’s most recent student story HERE and you might want to take a look at the article we wrote explaining CIM Dual Qualifications in a very visual way.

It’s clear any student at any level seeking a career in marketing will be able to differentiate themselves through achieving a dual CIM qualification.

For any questions regarding obtaining a dual qualification and which modules are included do contact Lucy at lucy.davidson@nesma.co.uk.