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It was a special day celebrating with nesma’s students at the CIM Graduation Ceremony 2023 at Central Hall in Westminster, London.

The ceremony recognises all students with a CIM professional qualification at Levels 6 (diploma/BA) and Level 7 (Masters), and it was fantastic to see the first graduates of the new CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing.

Natalina graduated with the prestigious CIM Marketing Leadership Programme, and we asked her about her critical responsibilities and to share what motivates her to succeed.

‘As the Senior Brand Marketing Manager for Lookers Motor Group, a leading automotive retailer with 160 dealerships encompassing 35 brands, navigating the ever-evolving marketing landscape is both an exciting challenge and a rewarding experience’.

Natalina Sutherland

Natalina’s role involves implementing strategic marketing initiatives to strengthen the Lookers’ Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brand partners’ market presence, drive profitability and increase market share.

She is a marketing team leader in a regulated finance environment, so she has to oversee resource coordination, closely monitor progress, and proactively mitigate risks by leveraging analytical skills to provide budget and martech recommendations rooted in marketing performance measures.

She says, “The key highlights of my job revolve around the constant evolution of the automotive industry, influenced by technological advancements, changing consumer preferences, and competitive pressures. With the rise of digital marketing and consumer communication saturation, the importance of personalised brand-building strategies using AI and data science are just a few trends shaping the automotive marketing landscape.”

“Motivated to stay ahead in this fast-paced industry, I embarked on the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme through nesma. The programme offered a comprehensive overview of contemporary marketing practices and leadership skills necessary for strategic decision-making. The modules I covered enabled the development of strategies to ensure success in navigating the shift towards alternative fuels, foster diversity and inclusion in the workforce, and successfully launch new-to-market EV brands in the UK.”

“This journey has enhanced my knowledge base and equipped me with the tools to approach marketing challenges from a more informed perspective. It has underscored the importance of aligning marketing strategies with business objectives and highlighted the value of data-driven decision-making. My dedication to lifelong learning remains unwavering, and the ever-evolving automotive industry necessitates a constant pursuit of knowledge; I strive to stay at the forefront of the marketing discipline by embracing continuous education.”

nesma enjoyed graduation with a range of learners from the North East, South West, North West, Cumbria, and Scotland who graduated with the CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing, CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing, CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing and the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme.

We are incredibly proud of them all. If you want to learn more about this Masters equivalent qualification, contact Veronica Swindale, nesma MD, at 07734 222 254 or email hello@nesma.co.uk.