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Sustainable is featured high on all the trend lists for 2024.

As sustainability will be prominent in shaping corporate priorities in 2024, marketers need to be ready to understand and navigate these trends, which now go well beyond competitive advantage.

CIM may or may not have had a crystal ball. Still, they introduced Sustainable Transformation in Marketing as the latest module option to the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme ahead of these predictions and nesma is all set to run its first cohort starting this January.

CIM also prepared The Sustainability Marketing Skills Gap 2023 report last August, which includes several key findings and interesting stats and trends, including:

  • 59% of 18-34-year-olds say they are more likely to buy products or services from a brand that advertises and substantiates how sustainable they are
  • 40% of marketers currently don’t have marketing qualifications relating to sustainability but, promisingly, would like to
  • 63% of all UK adults agree that brands should increase communications around the sustainability of their products and services

In the Sustainable Transformation in Marketing module, you will look at the different roles marketing plays within an organisation in today’s economy. You will explore the future risks, opportunities and challenges for your organisation that will equip you to make strategic recommendations in developing and implementing sustainable strategies to drive business change. Plus, you will build a personal development plan around driving change to support you in managing the transition required for ongoing sustainability integration.

How this new Module is structured

Unit 1: Re-framing Marketing
  • Gain critical insight into the sustainability challenges and opportunities for marketing and business (negative and positive).
  • Determine marketing’s role in the regenerative economy.
Unit 2: Re-orientation/Sustainability Values Perspective
  • Recognise sustainability-related opportunities and risks for future organisational success.
  • Develop the strategy and components for transformational change.
Unit 3: Leading Transformational Change
  • Recommend a framework to implement your organisation’s strategy for authentic sustainability, to ensure credibility, and to measure progress on an ongoing basis.
  • Develop the senior leader’s resilience toolkit for driving change effectively and authentically.
Assessment: Assignment 
  • An assignment based on a given scenario relating to an organisation of choice.

This Module, part of the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme, can be achieved as a distinct, self-contained award or combined into the full qualification. Aimed at experienced marketers, those running their own companies and consultants.

The full range of sustainability qualifications includes:

CIPR Specialist Diploma – Sustainability Communications
Level 7 | Postgraduate Degree | 10/11 SQA

CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing
Level 6 | BA (Hons) degree | 9/10 SQA

CIM Marketing Leadership Programme
Level 7 | Masters degree | 11 SQA

However, If you want to address the sustainability skills gap for yourself or your team, we can also develop a bespoke training programme for you.