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The constant of recent times is change, so we caught up with Jacqui to ask her why her Change Management workshops on Thursday, 12 May can bring imperative skills to everyone in your team.

Simply put, she says It’s essential to make sure those around you have the right skills to adapt and effect change positively. 

The nesma Know-How and Do sessions are built to develop critical skills that enhance the topics taught in the CIM and CIPR qualifications. For instance, Leading Change is a stand-alone module on the Masters Level CIM Marketing Leadership Programme

Veronica first met Jacqui Jackson when nesma started to deliver CIM qualifications for Cumbria from The Guild. Jacqui Jackson is the change expert at Thomas Jardine & Co, a fifth-generation family business. Their consultancy arm specialises in supporting individuals, teams, and businesses as they adapt to or create change within their organisation. They also own and operate The Guild in Carlisle, where similar support is offered to local businesses and professionals. 

Why is understanding Change Management an essential skill we should all have? 

Change Management skills can help organisations deal with the opportunities and threats brought about by changes in their marketplace or supply chain. Recent global events have highlighted the importance of changing how teams are managed so they are always ready to react to future opportunities or threats. Leaders need to develop skills to lead their organisations through the supply chain or marketplace changes. Leaders must also build management skills internally (or deputise management operations) to prepare their organisation for future changes. 

So why do we find Change Management so hard? 

The change management process is a series of tasks outlined for a seamless transition from a current state of affairs to a new one without obstructing the workflow or suffering any damage. But what that dictionary definition doesn’t consider is that you need first is to recognise the need for change. And then take people with you on the change journey, and most importantly, make it stick. The workshop Jacqui has developed for nesma identifies what change is, what it needs and how you can add value to create and deliver your seamless process. 

Why is Change Management a universal skill that all managers should understand? 

As a manager, you must understand why change is happening in your organisation. To be effective, you must communicate the need for this change and deliver it to the satisfaction of the strategic leads and delivery teams. It was always complicated; now, the real challenge is to unpick the ‘how to’ of making it happen in clear, realistic steps. We can all benefit from growing as a change leader, working effectively within your organisation’s structure, and defining your role to have the most impact within the change process. 

What nuggets will you be sharing in these workshops? 

These courses are for people who want to help their organisations move forward and be part of the ‘solutions team’ that navigates through the sea of change. They provide supportive, interactive sessions which look at who’s driving change; why do we need it; what is a future vision; how the ‘change curve’ impacts us and who are our early adopters; how do we communicate a future vision so it is tangible for all and ultimately how to make change stick. You will acquire complementary skills that will benefit you and the company you work for. 

They are happening on Thursday 12 May and divided into three parts, so you can choose to do all three or select the sessions most relevant to you; 

10:00 am – 11:30 am | How do we recognise the need for change and make it happen? 

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm | How do we take people with us? 

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm | How do we make it stick? 

nesma can bring all workshops in-house to your teams, or you can check our website or socials for open courses.

You can book your place directly on the website or contact Jon at jon.davison@

We do offer all nesma students and alumni a discount on these sessions.