Powering up your People Management

These practical workshops will provide you with three perspectives on managing others, sharing insights and practical tips that you will be able to apply straight away. Whether you are preparing for your first people management role or already grappling with the challenges of leadership then this series will help you to step back, reflect and reset.

Leadership | Beginner | 90 mins

Course Overview

Powering up your People Management

Three practical and interactive workshops that help to build skills and confidence in all aspects of people management.

Session 1 – Managing Yourself
10 – 11:30 am

We will start with you, looking at your approach to managing others, exploring your preferred leadership style, identifying your strengths and drivers and anticipating personal challenges. In this session we will also discover the foundations of emotional intelligence and enhance your self-awareness.

Session 2 – Harnessing Potential
1 – 2:30 pm

Understanding others is key to your success as a people manager, in this session we will demystify the principles of behaviour, performance and learning so you understand the key factors that encourage and support positive behaviour and performance. Knowing how to influence, motivate and inspire others will help you to maximise the potential of the people in your team.

Session 3 – Challenging Conversations
3:30 – 5:00 pm

Managing others can be deeply rewarding; it can also be frustrating and challenging! This session will help to build your confidence and skills when managing poor performance and inappropriate behaviour. Spotting problems early and providing effective feedback are essential to maintain a positive team and progress toward team goals.

Course Content

1. Managing Yourself

Understanding yourself will help you to understand others. The ability to manage your own emotions and behaviours are essential to your success as a people manager and the content covered will give you clues as to your impact on others

We will cover:

  • Leadership styles
  • Drivers and derailers
  • Emotional Intelligence, self-awareness and self-regulation

2. Harnessing Potential

The ability to promote the behaviours and results needed relies on your ability to inspire, motivate and develop your team. We will apply some of the key concepts of behavioural science in a clear and practical way

We will cover:

  • Psychological safety
  • Sources of motivation
  • Diagnosing skill and will

3. Challenging Conversations

Feeling confident about addressing poor performance and unhelpful behaviour is an essential part of the people managers toolkit. The session will shed light on simple communication techniques that focus on addressing the issues whilst maintaining your relationship with members of your team.

We will cover:

  • Assertive communication
  • Effective feedback
  • Planning and having a courageous conversation

Course Leaders

Catherine is an Executive Director for the Centre for Leadership Performance, a not for profit organisation that have been developing Cumbria’s Leaders for Today and Tomorrow for the last decade.


£49 + VAT per 90 min workshop (£25 + VAT for nesma alumni with the code ‘nesmaalumn’) please apply this code at checkout.


Working towards Management or already a Manager.


90 mins


  • Virtual


Who should attend

Anyone looking to become a manager who wants helpful tips on the right approach to people management, or current managers who may want a fresh look at leadership.

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Aswell as taking away news skills, tools and tips from this practical workshop, you will receive all the materials covered in the workshop and the workshop recording.

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