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nesma has been involved with the People Power event since its inception and we already have an exciting range of topics and speakers lined up for the marketing and communications stream for Wednesday 17 June 2020 at Northumbria University.

People Power is a fast-paced, fun and interactive 1-day event aimed at business leaders and HR professionals in the North East who are looking to develop their staff and create workplaces where their people thrive.

Veronica caught up with Lyndsey Morrison, Director at The Projects Studio, to find out what inspired her to create the conference.

What was the catalyst that brought People Power as an event to life?

There is so much negativity in the press and on social media about the current jobs market and workplace. We’re bombarded with ‘robots will take our jobs’, ‘skills gaps will hamper growth’, ‘the apprenticeship levy is failing’, ‘the changing expectations of millennials’ and ‘the challenge of an ageing workforce’. We felt that there was a real need in the region to address this head-on.

People Power provides an environment where business leaders and managers can understand the practical steps, they can take to address all these challenges, future-proof their business and ensure they are ready and fit to compete. We want visitors to leave the event feeling inspired, with fresh ideas about people development and with a suite of tools to help them implement positive change.

Why do you think it is such a popular and bustling event?

It’s simple really, People Power is all about People. We work hard behind the scenes to create a programme of quality content that is driven by the needs of the workforce in the North East – offering solutions to the real challenges that employers face in the workplace. The fluid format of the event, which gives delegates a choice of keynotes/seminars/workshops/training throughout the day means that there really is something for everyone and helps to create a relaxed atmosphere.

A critical message that runs throughout the event is how employers can make positive changes, whether this is through new leadership styles and strategies, improving communication, embracing new technologies or focusing on health and wellbeing within the business. The conference and exhibition supports companies in the North East to be places where people really want to work and become more productive.

What were the highlights for you at last year’s event?

The positive and buzzing atmosphere at the event was fab – we were delighted that people battled through horrendous weather and made a real effort, not just to turn up, but to turn up with purpose and a genuine desire to learn. We had some fantastic speakers from a range of industry backgrounds. The marketing and comms room sponsored and curated by nesma was busy and lively throughout the day including speakers such as Paul Hutchins (TEDx speaker & author) discussing employer branding and Andy Green, who spoke about storytelling in business.

What can delegates look forward to at the next event?

We’ve taken the best bits, added some tweaks and new additions. It’s about evolution, not revolution. Our themes this year (Lead, Innovate, Communicate and Care) are again driven by demand. We are working on curating a fantastic programme of industry leaders and keynotes who will share their stories of success and the challenges that they have met along the way. We feel that it is motivational for people to hear directly from people who have faced similar challenges to them, and how they have found solutions within their own organisations.

Expect some well-known leading brands as well as experts, trainers and coaches to be on hand to offer advice and support.

The new ‘training hub’ will also provide training in business meta-skills such as presentation skills, negotiation, managing conflict, assertiveness – you know, the skills that we all need in the bank to make our working lives easier!

How would you explain where the marketing and communications theme fits into the overall programme?

 Following the past People Power events (in 2018 and 2019), we surveyed all attendees to find out what key challenges they faced in the next 12 months.  One of the key themes that came out of this was the challenge of marketing their business. People Power addresses the people side of marketing, such as employer branding and internal communications and gives people training in the everyday skills that they need to develop and market their brands effectively.

What do you think are going to be the most popular employer issues under discussion this year?

There’s no real single ‘stand out’ issue – Business success is really the sum of lots of moving parts, all working together harmoniously. Even if you have excellent leadership skills, if you don’t have the right culture in the business, a great brand, the right technology or a happy and healthy workforce, then you won’t achieve your ambitions. The range of topics provided at People Power enables visitors to focus on their particular area of interest or need.

If this sounds right up your street, you can book your tickets now using a special 20% discount code INSIGHT20 from www.peoplepowerevents.co.uk

This interview is for publication in the Northern Insight Magazine February edition,