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If you are thinking about studying, what is the reality?

Almost all nesma students are working and learning, and with the new academic term fast approaching in July, I thought I’d give some candid advice to those who are looking to study with us this year.

It goes without saying that time management is critical, but we are not just talking about studying, here, are we? Our students are likely to be juggling family, friends and a busy job, which may involve travel, as well as social commitments like weddings and things to add into the mix.

But with our latest pass rate for CIM qualifications at 98%, our students have proven time and time again it’s all possible and nesma tutors are brilliant at helping you to achieve that balance. To the extent that we may even advise you to take the dog for a walk after a phone tutorial on a Saturday morning!

All our students have an incentive to succeed whether it has been funded by their employer or they have funded themselves. As one alumnus commented, “Blood sweat and tears all worth it!”

There’s no doubt that studying while working requires a good level of planning and prioritisation, and that includes looking after yourself too, with healthy eating and plenty of sleep. (Although we are also known by some as the ‘Biscuit Club’!).

You need to give yourself time to get back into the zone, and that may take longer than you think. A lot of our students talk about the chance to meet and connect with other marketers being almost as useful as the qualification itself.

Make no mistake qualification demands are on the rise but this important decision should not be taken lightly.
To complete your course, you’re going to have to work harder and smarter which gives you great discipline for your future career. And the knowledge, skills, contacts and friends you have made along the way are just as rewarding as the final qualification on your CV.

However, please take note employers, there is little value in having employees who have developed their own skills if no use is made of those skills back at the ranch…

Blog by Veronica Swindale
Written for Northern Insight Magazine

Whether it’s working on your current skill set or exploring a new area of expertise nesma has all your marketing and communication know-how covered.

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