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Whether you recognise it or not, your organisation is marketing itself all day every day.

The products and services you sell, the people you sell them to, the way you get them to market, the way you price them and ultimately the way you promote them all add up to one thing! Will people choose you or your competition when they make their next purchase? You may not have a marketing department as such, but decisions are being made all the time as to what the company should look like, what types of products you sell and how you go about selling them.

What is the background of the people making those decisions? Frequently we come across those people who set up the business in the first place – be it engineering, professional services, manufacturing, agency – the breadth of industries is vast. But at some stage there comes a point where through your own success you inevitably need to extend the team to complement the activities that you do. These people will help you deliver the business, giving you time to run the business.

We are training people in marketing and communications every day of the working week. We meet people who have been given responsibility for the whole marketing of the business, without any marketing qualifications and occasionally without any experience either! (We do like a blank canvas!)

No matter what interests or skill sets you need in your business, nesma can make sure your marketing person or team is up to the Job. Marketing first – what are you trying to achieve in your business – before getting too tied up in the tactics – and of course we can help you with those too.

Veronica Swindale

Director, Chartered Marketer, FCIM and CIM Ambassador of the North 2017
Whether it’s working on your current skill set or exploring a new area of expertise nesma has all your marketing and communication know-how covered.

Published in the February Issue of Northern Insight Magazine.