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So you fancy a job in marketing as your first or second career?

Marketing is one of the most popular career destinations … but if you want to land yourself a job in this industry, you’re really going to have to stand out!

Whether Lidl to Louis Vuitton, Black Cats, Magpies or Falcons, public sector or private sector there is no area in business that does not require effective marketing or communications know how.

One of the advantages of working in marketing and communications are the numerous opportunities to specialise in certain areas such as market research, product management, customer relationship and customer experience management, internal marketing, public relations, group marketing, global marketing. The charity and not-for-profit sectors need this as much as the big brands.

The industry is fast paced and can never be called pedestrian; it can involve planning, event management, travel, networking – at times glamorous, but always hard work.

You don’t need a degree in marketing to progress in the industry. We have graduates ranging from anthropology to zoology who have studied with us and developed their marketing expertise. Often scientists and healthcare professionals, for example, cross the divide and bolt on marketing qualifications to improve their commercial value to their employers.

Year on year we see new sectors evolving and sharpening up their marketing skills. Latterly in our region, there has been a noticeable growth in the leisure and hospitality sectors and the auto retail sectors who are working in highly competitive markets with low margins and where supreme customer service is key.

We can help you with developing your marketing, public relations and digital marketing skills at every level. The topics of our courses range from marketing principles to digital strategy; customer experience to innovation and leading change to business growth.

Now it’s down to you to consider whether you think investing in such studies would improve your or your company’s competitiveness.

Blog by Veronica Swindale
Written for Northern Insight Magazine

Whether it’s working on your current skill set or exploring a new area of expertise nesma has all your marketing and communication know-how covered.

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