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Yesterday the nesma team attended the CIM Northern Conference to explore the Northern Powerhouse and the challenges presented by Brexit.  

Here is a summary of the CIM report which was given to all delegates summing up the key challenges currently facing marketers in 2017; Brexit, the role of brands, GDPR, digital, customer engagement and skills shortages.

Findings from two research projects, one in partnership with YouGov and the other from CIM members, show that although in today’s customer-led world, marketing has never had such a perfect opportunity to shine, the challenges it faces are wide ranging.

55% of marketers cite Brexit as their top concern, with 70% concerned about factors outside of marketing that could affect their ability to protect the brand.  Then with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into force in May 2018, 50% of those surveyed said they didn’t fully understand the implications.

Improving the performance of digital channels is a key priority, with 52% of respondents saying this would be top of their agenda.  However, only 18% feel fully confident that they are able to manage social effectively, with 21% saying they feel ‘fairly confident’.

Two in three (63%) said developing opportunities to engage with customers more was what most excited them when looking to the year ahead.   But 28% fear they will lose market share to more tech-savvy competitors and sadly 89% marketers are frustrated that their organisations are expecting great things for customer experience yet failing to make the investments needed in marketing.

Reflecting on these findings, Chris Daly, CEO at CIM, said, “Clearly, marketers want to build stronger brands through personalised campaigns, to shape better customer journeys, while projecting and protecting an ethical brand, and ultimately to drive business growth.  Yet they feel disempowered in communicating this vision beyond their own team.  To reach and influence at boardroom level, marketers need to develop a new set of skills whilst also maintaining a strong understanding of the fundamentals of their profession and its impact on the business.”  He continued, “Senior marketers are now expected to lead change, manage people and projects, and have the skills and ability to collaborate, innovate and influence across the business.”  He concluded, “In light of the changing nature of marketing and the increased appetite for a wider array of business skills, Continual Professional Development (CPD) must be at the heart of a marketer’s career path if they want that seat at the top table.”

A copy of the full report can be found here.

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