Mark Kelly

What I do for nesma

I deliver a variety of the Chartered Insitute of Marketing (CIM) communications modules at Foundation Certificate and Certificate level, for example, Digital Fundamentals, Planning Campaigns and Digital Marketing Techniques.

My background

With around 30 years working in or for marketing and digital communications agencies across a huge range of brands, the creative communications sector is one I love being part of. I have planned and managed projects and campaigns globally, as well as managed cross-functional teams.

The last 10 years have seen me consulting and coaching a range of start-ups, micro agencies, global network agencies and direct brand clients.

For the last few years, I have shared my knowledge with the next generation of marketers through lecturing and tutoring for CIM and university degree courses.


My particular skills and experience

I’m a digital marketing strategist and practitioner but with wider experience across other aspects of creative communications.  I have taught and tutored across all aspects of marketing comms including campaign planning, digital marketing and CRM. The last few years as a trainer and tutor have helped me synthesise marketing theory with ‘real world’ examples and practical actions to hopefully add value to the student experience.

Why I love my job!

I love teaching because I get to support the future stars of the marketing comms industry (whether client brands or those working in an agency). It keeps me on my toes in many ways and means I can pull on my years of industry experience to guide those about to launch or looking to further their careers.